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Gelato on the Go July 5, 2011

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Sunday, we had a great lunch with Irving’s our mom and grandma up in the Bay Area.
2011-07-02 Bay Area (16)

The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and the company was fun. It was a nice way to end the weekend.
2011-07-02 Bay Area (19)

We said goodbye and got back on the road to head back to LA. We knew we had a 6-hour drive ahead of us, and decided that some gelato was in order. Costco now carries it in three flavors (Chocolate Chip, Berry and Pistachio) at select locations, so it sounded like something we should try. It’s 3 HUGE scoops for $1.50. But truthfully, it was sub-par. It tasted more like ice cream than gelato, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Especially on a 90* day.
2011-07-02 Bay Area (20)
Yep, I indulged in some sugar, I figure once a week can’t hurt, right?

Does your Costco have Gelato yet?


The Anti-Black Friday… November 29, 2010

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We didn’t head out to the stores like the rest of America on Black Friday… But we did relax during the day and then ventured to Costco in the afternoon. (We joked that we are a family of Costco Lovers!)

Irving tried out the new 3D TVs (candid shot!)

After, we went to Sports Basement and scored an AMAZING deal on sneakers! The exact shoes I run in were $130 marked down to $75! I tried to buy two pairs, but sadly, they only had one left in my size.

Dinner was another fantastic (and slightly healthier) meal! Roasted Veggies, Salad and Beef.



With Wine of Course!


Saturday, EJ, Sarah and Mona went down to Monterey and Irving, Julie and I went into a vey rainy San Francisco to see the De Young Museum. It’s such a great museum.

Check out this Church that was built out of guns and bullets!

So Interesting!


We really enjoyed the traveling Post-Impressionist exhibit, but you couldn’t take pictures in there. We saw lots of Van Gogh, Cezzane and Renoir paintings including Van Gogh’s The Bedroom. He actually made three of these paintings and I saw one of them in Amsterdam in 2003!

When we got out of the Museum, the rain had cleared and the city was gorgeous!

We stopped for lunch at Picante in Berkeley! It was SO yummy! The Watermelon juice was the highlight for sure!

Northern California is so pretty. It really reminds me of New England!


Stay Tuned for more later as we take a side trip to Point Reyes!


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