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Thanksgiving Pictures November 29, 2013

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A few shots of Adele’s Thanksgiving outfit! She loved to point to the turkey on the front and say “Turkey!”


A Family Affair December 4, 2012

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Are these not the cutest pictures ever of Adele with Irving’s family? These pictures make me so happy! The love oozes through these photos! They’re all from Thanksgiving weekend! Love you all!











Adele’s a lucky lady!



Adele’s First Thanksgiving November 30, 2012

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Although our Thanksgiving Weekend started with an awful stomach bug that attacked EVERYONE in our house…. we still had a wonderful and relaxing time in San Francisco. In order to maximize family time, we decided to eat out for Thanksgiving. (I think my first time doing that ever!) We went to Black Angus! (That’s one for the baby book, right?) It was actually perfect. Good food. Good company.

Grandma was in heaven. Check out the booties she made!

And Great Grandma Nini also enjoyed celebrating Adele’s first Thanksgiving!

Self Portraits while we waited for our table!

Adele was so good during dinner. She sat in a high chair for the FIRST time!!!! Such a big girl! She LOVED being part of the action. She sat contently for over an hour!

Part of the reason was that it was her first time ever having food! We’re doing the baby-led weaning approach (no purees, no spoons, no rice cereal) so we just handed her some pieces of lettuce, tomato and bread! She only had a few bites of each, but survey says she was impressed!!!

Catch her in action:

We haven’t finished reading the BLW Book yet so we’re holding off on giving her any more food until we have a game plan, but it was fun to share Thanksgiving Dinner with Adele. She’s certainly part of the family and we can tell she’s happy to be here too!


A Year to be Thankful For! November 21, 2012

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! So many amazing things to be thankful this year! But my #1 reason is this little girl!

My little Adele. You are such an amazing baby. We feel SO lucky to call you ours. I have so many dreams for you. It is a privilege every day to see you grow and learn. I am thankful for YOU!


Major kudos to daycare for making such cute crafts!!! LOVE IT!

I am equally thankful and grateful for Irving, my family and my friends (new and old!) I couldn’t have made it through this year without them.

And since I became a mom, I see new reasons everyday to be thankful: running water, heat, the ability to buy whatever food I want, the freedom to vote, my dream of living in Los Angeles, my health….

I want Adele to always feel safe and be happy. She deserves the world.


And now, I interrupt this post to gush about how cute baby tights are. I melt.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!




Thanksgiving in the Mid-West December 11, 2011

I know, I know, Thanksgiving was weeks ago. But we had a fantastic trip to Indiana and Illinois so I had to share some of our photos. On Thanksgiving Day, we flew from LA to Indianapolis where Irving’s sister picked us up and brought us to their gorgeous new house. We arrived just an hour before dinner was served (good timing, right?!) We all got straight to work preparing the remaining side dishes. It was so fun to chat, cook and catch up since we don’t get to see them often!

They went all out with the most amazing, unique dishes. My favorite was the corn bread stuffing (amazing)! Per usual, there was not enough room on our plates for everything. They even had homemade pies with matching homemade whipped cream on top. I die.

We dined in their new formal dining room that was so welcoming, homey and filled with family. It was the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving celebration.

We spent the night cleaning up, hanging out and relaxing all together. And there was LOTS of playing with the kitties involved too. This little one slept with us each night all cuddled up close. It was adorable. We miss her!

The next day, forget Black Friday,  we spent our time sightseeing around Indianapolis instead. We stopped at the Lily Estate, which is an Americana mansion built in the 1920s. We visited the Newport Mansions over the summer and were excited to see some more.

There were a lot of similarities, but the Lily estate seemed more like a home rather than an entertaining venue, which was nice.

Then we hopped over to the Indianapolis Museum of Art right next door.

We were so impressed by the exhibits they had inside. It was mostly contemporary art, but some really cool stuff. Lots of interactive displays and art that utilized unique mediums. Afterwards, we stopped to enjoy some beer, hot cocoa (for me!) and some hot pretzels in the museum café. And then we were just in time to see a gorgeous sunset off the balcony.


As we walked back to the car, we stopped to look at some outdoor displays as well. This one was meant to represent a basketball court and the motion of the ball when it bounces. So creative!

We ended the night at a craft beer bar. Everyone else had a flight of their signature brews while we played a bunch of games at the table.
IMG_0878 IMG_0879

I might be getting my days mixed up now, but I think we then stopped at a fro-yo place right after this too. We had excellent hosts while we were there!

Saturday morning, we woke up to do a tour of the downtown area. Starting with a stop at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (home of the Indy 500).

We didn’t stop in the museum, but it’s definitely a place I’d like to visit next time!


From there, we parked the car and took a long walk along the canals. So pretty! I bet it’s really hopping in the summer time too.

We ended our day at the Soldiers and Sailors monument, which was decked out for the holidays.


We could have taken the elevator up to the top…. but instead, being the bunch of athletes that we are, we hoofed it to the top!

Great views of the city, and good exercise too. So fun.

For the last part of our trip, we drove a couple of hours to Chicago to see my sister.

It was fun to have everyone together! We played games all afternoon. Loved it!

We did explore downtown Chicago for an afternoon, but it was cooold!

Baby’s first trip to the bean. =)

Thanks EJ and Sarah for the wonderful time in Indy!

And to Laurie and Jim for entertaining us too!


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