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Memorial Day Weekend Recap May 29, 2013

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What a crazy busy weekend we had around here this week! I’m a big fan of “making lemonade” out of my “time off lemons”. I squeeze those lemons so tight to get every last drop of juice out. Ok, enough analogies… here’s my weekend recap.

-Picked Adele up early, headed to an indoor playground where she played with ride on toys and practiced walking.

-Adele took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon (and I slept for 1.5 hours too!) Wonderful!

-Went for an evening walk in the neighborhood

-Adele work up at 7:30a… and then went back down for a 2 hour nap from 9a-11a! Irving and I enjoyed the morning catching up.

-Adele’s first Swimming Lesson!!

We practiced kicking our legs!

Swim, swim, swim!

-Picked up Adele’s friend and had an afternoon playdate!

-Practiced Sharing Toys

-Got up early and went grocery shopping while Irving and Adele slept in (went to FOUR grocery stores looking for a pink cupcake… more on that below).
Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 9.13.04 PM

-Went to JC Penney to take family pictures and Adele’s 1st Birthday photos! Thus the reason we needed a cupcake! Adele’s first intentional taste of sugar. Spoiler alert: she LOVED it.
This is a teaser picture! More from the photoshoot coming this weekend!

-Lunch at Red Robin (Adele is literally bouncing out of the high chair from the sugar high). We eat quick and hightail it back to the car! And then Irving and I eat the rest of her cupcake in the car! BAHAHA.

-Sugar Crash… Adele sleeps for 2 hours in the car. We take advantage and drive to Toys R Us to look for birthday presents for our baby girl.

-Join some friends for the Valley Greek Festival. We enjoy amazing food and a fun afternoon. (You guys, the food!! I can’t even explain how amazing it was).

-Morning walk that landed us at a restaurant for breakfast. Adele tries to eat straws and throw spoons on the floor. I apologize to anyone I ever laughed at when they told me to “enjoy pleasant meals while the baby is still little”. I get it now. ha!

-Baby playdate at the beach! We had an amazing group. Seven babies in all! We were at the beach for 5.5 hours! Everyone had a blast. The weather was perfect, the waves were beckoning little baby piggies to touch them, and watermelon was consumed along with handfuls of sand. It was pretty epic.

I tortured her by seeing if she’d stand in the sand. She wasn’t having it. haha

My beach baby slept the whole way back home, had a quick bath and was in bed by 7pm. What an incredibly fulfilling and fun weekend with my girl. Long weekends rule!


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