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Helsinki: Scandinavian Glory September 10, 2009

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Being in Helsinki was a much different experience than being in Russia. The mentalities of the countries are stark contrasts.

IMG_1411 IMG_0471


Everywhere we travel, there’s at least one building completely covered in scaffolding somewhere. We always joke about it actually. I mean, it’s great they’re restoring these old landmarks, but I want to see it as it should be!

We’re pretty big soccer fans (and so were all our Aussie tourmates), so when we found out that the Women’s Euro Finals were being held at the Olympic Stadium, we jumped at the chance!


Plus, I’m a sucker for Olympic Stadiums, I’d love to visit all of them before I die!IMG_0440

On our second day in Finland, we decided to board a ferry to visit the country of Estonia. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump away!


Tallin Estonia

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We took an early morning ferry from Helsinki to Tallin, Estonia. This was an optional excursion, but it was TOTALLY worth it.

Not only did it check another country off my list, but it was such a great city. Estonia has gone through so much in it’s history. Russia and Europe fought over it for years. It’s finally independent, and they’re definitely making up for lost time. It had one of the most modern infrastructures we’ve ever seen. If I remember correctly, they even had free city-wide wifi.

There was a group of us who chose to go, but for the most part, we split off and did our own thing. We stumbled upon this cool building and paid a few euros to climb to the top.
IMG_0555 IMG_0568

Turns out, there wasn’t anything up there but a long hallway. haha. Still fun though.

Later, we found a tour company called Tallin Free Tour. It’s a free walking tour led by students, but they graciously accept tips. The tour was fantastic and our guide was very enthusiastic.

At the end of the day, we headed to St. Olaf’s church to climb to the top.


HAHA, random picture, but what is this face I’m making?


I highly recommend Tallin, there is so much history to see there. It’s a walled city, and much of it is still intact. It’s a great example of old meets new. Watch out world, Estonia is on the map!


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