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China By the Numbers October 23, 2014

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Finally getting around to posting this… we’ve only been back for about six months! Here are some stats from our trip to China!

Number of Books Read: 2
0622_the-book-thief_280x340 url

Number of Movies Watched: 3

urlimages clip_image001


Visted These Tourist Superlatives:

-World’s Tallest Post Office
-World’s Tallest Bar
-World’s Tallest Buddah

Number of Days it Rained: 7

Number of People on the Tour: 28

Number of Times we Paid for a Restroom: 0 (!!)

Number of Komodo Dragons we saw in Macau: 0

Number of Modes of Transportation: 12
-Coach Bus
-Shuttle Bus
-City Bus

Average Number of Steps Walked Per Day: 16,194

Highest Number of Steps Walked in a Day: 25,041

Flights of Stairs Climbed on the Great Wall of China: 78



Walking with Dinosaurs September 4, 2014

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Last night, we picked Adele up early from school, had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with pickles in the car, and drove an hour and a half down to Anaheim to go Walking with Dinosaurs! Her only exposure to dinosaurs before this night was pretty much just from the cartoon Dinosaur Train (don’t watch the videos on youtube unless you want the song stuck in your head!) so we weren’t sure how she’d react to seeing them life-sized! We were hoping she wouldn’t be scared!
Walking with Dinosaurs (2)

Turns out we were worried for nothing, she LOOOOOVED them!! She sat in awe for the entire show. It was so cute to see her reactions and experience it through the eyes of a toddler.

Walking with Dinosaurs (7)

It was so cute to hear Adele narrate what was going on…Oh look, they’re kissing! A mama and a baby! They’re eating the leaves! Ah! There goes the mama one!

Walking with Dinosaurs (10)

The music, lights, dinosaurs and the show itself was all so impressive. It was actually very educational too. Learning for the win!

Walking with Dinosaurs (12)

We got to sit next to some of the engineers that control all of the animatronic dinosaurs and all the sound effects. It totally looked like they were playing video games the whole time, what a fun job!

Walking with Dinosaurs (4)

Walking with Dinosaurs (6)

Adele is still talking about how BIG the dinosaurs were, she likes to imitate how the walk, it’s so cute! Guess it’s time to get some Dinosaur books out of the library!

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Confucius Says… August 2, 2014

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We were truthfully really impressed with how easy it was to navigate around China. So many signs were in English and we never really had trouble finding our way or ordering off menus. They updated a lot of it before the Beijing Olympics to make it tourist friendly.

Of course, as English travelers, we very much appreciated it, but some of them were just so funny we had to share.

Some of these signs below are even funnier when you say “Confucius says” right before them…











I think this one is our favorite. “Ban on Sat” maybe means “Don’t sit on this” haha.IMG_0644









Haha “China Well-Known Trademark”. Take me there!IMG_1605
Where is the extraordinary section?IMG_1756



Guess the store?IMG_0681



Two Years June 8, 2014

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Two Years Ago June 7, 2014

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Two years ago today I was sitting quietly in a hospital room anxiously waiting to meet Adele. At that point we didn’t know if the baby was a girl or a boy! Tomorrow marks Adele’s second birthday. It has been 730 days since she was born, and each one has been such a gift. Today we celebrated with a trip to Disneyland. It was such a fun, stress-free, amazing day. We all had a wonderful time, I love my family so much.
Disneyland (43)

Happy Birthday, Adele. Looking forward to another beautiful year with you.

Disneyland (91)

This was technically Adele’s 2nd trip to Disneyland! She came with me when I was 6 months pregnant too!

What a difference 2 years makes!
Disneyland (6)


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