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Feliz Navidad May 29, 2011

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We’ve had a busy summer so far (and only getting busier), so we were happy to be able to spend the Memorial Day weekend at home, just getting some things done. Irving is working on sorting and editing all of our Egypt & Dubai pictures, and it is a painstakingly frustrating task. We’ve both spent hours pouring over the pictures, and I’m glad he’s taking the reins on finally getting that project over with. I’ll have to do a post on computer organization sometime, it’s quite interesting.

While he was doing that, I deleted my whole computer (after everything was –hopefully—backed up, of course) and restored it to it’s factory settings. Sometimes it’s just good to start fresh and get rid of any bugs you might have. So far so good! Seems to be running faster already!


When we were about ready to claw our eyes out, we left the house to do a few errands. First stop was Aaron Brothers to get a painting framed. That was one of my valentine’s gifts to Irving! And then we headed to Best Buy to make a very important purchase…..

Our First XBOX! Actually our first gaming system… ever! We’ve never had a PlayStation or a Wii. The last system I had was old school Nintendo. And before that was Atari. Yea, it was about time we bought one. We felt like little kids in the store asking about controllers and games. We ended up with the XBox Kinect! We were very excited and practically danced out of the store. lol

The best part was that Best Buy was having a sale… buy an XBox and get a $50 giftcard to use on games or whatever later. I definitely giggled at the giftcard. Feliz Navidad!

We have yet to actually set the thing up, we have a feeling once we do, we’ll never want to stop. What games do you recommend? We definitely want a workout one, and probably LA Noire too.

Last night, We had a double date with my sister, Mikaela and her boyfriend, Chris!

We all watched the LA Galaxy vs. NE Revolution soccer game “together”!

Irving and Chris even had a beer “together” while they watched. It was fun to see them and pretend like we didn’t live 3,000 miles apart!

I’m very happy that I’ve installed and updated Windows and all my favorite programs (Windows Live Writer was top of the list!) But I think I still have more to download, catch you soon!


Earthquake Country! November 30, 2010

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Sunday, we all wanted to get outside and get some fresh air!

We gathered up the family and headed out on a 1.5 hour road trip to Point Reyes.

What a good lookin’ bunch, yes?


The drive up north was great, so much to look at. This is San Quentin prison! Yikes!

We finally got up to our destination!

Welcome to Earthquake Trail!

This was a half mile educational loop filled with all kinds of info about how Earthquakes work. (All of us nerds loved it!)

EJ proclaimed: “Take a picture of this sign and we can read it later”. lol

The hike itself was more of a stroll, but it was nice.






And then we found this!


Those blue posts mark the San Andreas fault!

All I kept thinking of was Land of the Lost when they fall into the earthquake crack. LOL

The best part was seeing this fence. This was once connected, but in the early 1900s, the plates moved 12 feet in less than a minute!

Here is all four of us demonstrating how far apart the plates moved!
Point Reyes 2010 004

After our geography lesson, we headed over to a history lesson!

They have an old Indian Village that has been restored to it’s original form.

This used to be how they lived!

And they had Teepees too!

Then we went inside the “Sweat Room” (not quite sure what that was for. lol)
IMG_2210  IMG_2211

EJ running out of the Sweat Room. HAHA

Then for some reason, I decided to jog back to the car.
IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2216 


It was a fun way to spend the day.

So much of this great state to explore still.


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