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No More Bob Marley Dreads February 15, 2012

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Irving: Why do you have dreads?
Kelley: I shower at night and I sleep with my hair wet.
Irving: Do you think that’s why Bob Marley has dreads too? Too much showering at night?


Ok, ok. I get it. I need a haircut. HAHA

Chopped off about four inches and got BANGS! I haven’t had bangs since Middle School!


I’m doing my best not to let the bangs annoy me. But I love how bouncy and fun it is now!

IMG_1426 - Copy

Sometimes change is good. =)


Fun Day with the Dude… August 28, 2010

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Yesterday, Irving and I both got out of work early, so we enjoyed a fun afternoon together. First on the list was haircuts! [fun fact: the weekend we got engaged, we both got our hair cut together!]

I was in desperate need of a cut! Perfect for Summer!

Then we spent the afternoon walking around a bookstore in Pasadena!!! (Doesn’t that sound romantic?) We swayed up and down the aisles looking at travel books, picture books, kids books, everything!

I particularly love to find books I liked as a kid!

Choose your own adventure!

Goosebumps! [fun fact #2: I wrote to R.L. Stine in 4th grade asking him to make a tv show out of the books and he wrote back!]


Baby Sitter’s Club!!


Then we got some coffees from the little shop inside!


A fun date with my love!


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