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The Primal Need for Mocha May 6, 2012

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Yesterday I spent the morning running errands (recycling, post office, Target, etc).  On the way home, I stopped in Starbucks and decided I absolutely must have an Iced Tea. So I ordered one and waited for my name to be called. While I was waiting, I saw a picture of their new Frappucino… Mocha Cookie Crumble.

Starbucks-Cookie Crumble


I looked at the sign… and looked away…. and then looked back again. I needed it. NOW. In the most primal sort of need possible. So I got back in line and tried to make eye contact with the barista.  “Excuse me, did you already make my Iced Tea? No? OMG Thank god. I need to change my order.”

So then the poor cashier guy had to try to figure out how to refund my iced tea so he could charge me more (almost double!) for the Frappucino. I don’t think many people ‘return’ drinks at Starbucks and he tried for about 10 minutes to figure it out. I apologized, tried to stick out my bump as much as possible and pray they would take pity on the pathetic pregnant woman who NEEDED this Cookie Crumble Frappucino.

After two employees fought with the computer to figure out how to charge me the difference, they finally caved and just gave it to me for the same price as the tea (SCORE!!!!) I savored every drop of that drink. (DUDE, even the whipped cream is chocolate! No joke!)


That was the first ‘coffee’ I’d had in almost 9 months! (I’ve been sticking to tea). But I feel a new obsession coming on. This could be dangerous.


I Hoard Dri-Fit Shirts… May 10, 2011

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Today was free coffee day at Coffee Bean. And I was very excited about an afternoon pick-me-up.

I tried the Mocha Mint Chip. It tasted ok, but for all the sugar in it, it wasn’t very sweet. And it had an artificial flavor to it. I drank it in 10 minutes flat, but it left a lot to be desired. Needless to say, after drinking it, I felt sluggish and unmotivated.

Good thing I have healthy friends who inspire me.


I grabbed my weights and tried to find a workout on demand…. but Time Warner pretty much stinks.

So I made up my own weight routine while I caught up on some Secret Life.

I haven’t lifted in a really long time, so I was fatigued earlier than normal. But I’ll just have to build it all back up again and hope for the best.

-Bicep Curls 20 reps x 2
-Tricep Dips 20 reps x2
-Lateral Raises 20 reps x2
-Crunches x 50
-Pushups (on knees) 10×2
-Tricep Pull Backs 20 reps x2
-Squats x10
-Lunges x10 (each leg)

(all of these were done with 5lb weights).

We’re heading out for a walk now too. I love fresh summer air.

In other news, I have 31 dri-fit tshirts in my closet. 31!!! That’s crazy.

I feel guilty getting rid of race shirts (some of them are really nice!)
What’s your favorite race shirt?
I LOVE the ragnar one! And the one from my first Marathon. =)


Coffee that tastes like Dessert! March 26, 2011

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We are both daily coffee drinkers. We both have aluminum travel mugs that we take to work with us almost every day. When we got our Keurig a few years ago, it changed our lives – seriously!

It made it so easy! We usually order new k-cups every few months, we take our coffee pretty seriously.

Moral of the story? We love coffee. When Bailey’s asked if we’d like to try their new coffee creamers, of course I said yes!

Logo.Positive Group Image

A little bit about Bailey’s Coffee Creamers:

  • BAILEYS®, the #1 liqueur in the world, introduced a new line of super-premium coffee creamer products to select retailers in January 2010. After an expanded line of flavors and geographies was announced in September 2010, the creamers were expanded to the West Coast in March 2011.
  • Products were developed based on over three years of research, testing and consumer input.
  • There are seven flavors currently on the market: French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, The Original Irish Cream, Crème Brulee, Toffee Almond Cream and Chocolate.
  • They are made by HP Hood LLC
  • They are non-alcoholic

They sent me three flavors to review: The Original Irish Cream, French Vanilla and Chocolate.

Each one has 40 calories or less per serving, which is pretty good for the amount of creaminess and flavor it adds.
I’ve been tasting these all week long, using my beloved Dunkin Donuts as the base.
IMG_4856 IMG_4860

The very first day, I tore into the Chocolate. Hello! Mocha!


I made this a tad too light (I blame it on trying to take a picture while I poured!) But it was delish, tasted like dessert!

Poured into a to-go mug for the road! I was wishing for more when it was gone. It was so good!

The next day, I tried the Original Irish Cream.

Didn’t make it quite so light this time, it was really good, but not as decadent as the chocolate. Just a really good basic creamer.


This morning, I turned my attention to the French Vanilla. YUM!

IMG_4907 IMG_4909


This added just the right amount of sweetness. For someone who used to like coffee black, I don’t think there’s ever going back now. I really like these creamers. They’re Lactose-Free too, which is awesome because too much milk sometimes turns my stomach.

They’re made by Hood Milk, which also makes my FAVORITE Hoodsie Cups!! OH. MY. GOSH. I miss these so much. They don’t sell those on the west coast, but I really wish they did!!!!!!


Bailey’s Coffee Creamers are available in most states, and are continuing to expand. They’ll be available in California on May 1st.

They are always doing research to add more flavors too. I think a chocolate mint would be awesome!  You can even BAKE with it! Check out these amazing recipes!

Click here to get a coupon or enter to win a trip to Ireland! If you try it, let me know what you think!

Bailey’s provided me with this product for free for the purposes of reviewing it. All opinions stated above are my own.


Rainy Sunday Morning January 30, 2011

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This morning, I woke up incredibly sore from yesterday’s workout. I’m really feeling it in my butt, calves and back! I spent some time on the floor with a foam roller and a tennis ball. Feels a little better, but I feel a migraine coming on from my stiff shoulders. Nothing a little Dunkin’s can’t cure!

First thing, Irving and I set out on a walk to run some errands, coffee in hand!

It felt great to get the blood circulating. I’m still a little nervous about my shin splints since I’m running a half marathon next Sunday! So I am just taking it easy until then in the hopes it heals a little before the race.

Just as we were heading back home, it started to rain (I LOVE THE RAIN!) Today will be spent folding laundry, Costco and grocery shopping. Kathy Kaehler coined a phrase called ‘Sunday Setup’, and it means that every Sunday, you plan, shop and prep all your meals for the week. Irving got right to work on Sunday paper coupon cutting!

And I plotted out our meals for the week. This makes it a little less daunting. We are planning our meals around other events we have planned this week, so hopefully it will keep us organized.

I hope the rain keeps the crowds away from Costco today!


Fun Day with the Dude… August 28, 2010

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Yesterday, Irving and I both got out of work early, so we enjoyed a fun afternoon together. First on the list was haircuts! [fun fact: the weekend we got engaged, we both got our hair cut together!]

I was in desperate need of a cut! Perfect for Summer!

Then we spent the afternoon walking around a bookstore in Pasadena!!! (Doesn’t that sound romantic?) We swayed up and down the aisles looking at travel books, picture books, kids books, everything!

I particularly love to find books I liked as a kid!

Choose your own adventure!

Goosebumps! [fun fact #2: I wrote to R.L. Stine in 4th grade asking him to make a tv show out of the books and he wrote back!]


Baby Sitter’s Club!!


Then we got some coffees from the little shop inside!


A fun date with my love!


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