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John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl August 29, 2010

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Last night, Erika and Timmy, Erika’s Mom, Irving and I headed to the H-Bowl for one last show of the summer. It was ‘John Williams and the Music of the Movies’!

John Williams is a legend in Hollywood. He conducted the music in SO many of the world’s greatest movies!
-Indiana Jones
-Jurassic Park
-Star Wars
-Catch Me if you Can
-Harry Potter

-And SO much more!

But before the show, we had dinner ––picnic style (per usual!)

Summer Must be coming to an end because it was SO dark out!

On the menu was:
-Eggplant+Tomato Salad
-Fried Chicken
-Cole Slaw
-Cheese + Crackers
-Sweet Hawaiian Rolls w/ Honey
-And… Wine!!


They allow you to bring in whatever you want, but they still check bags at the gate when you walk in. We were joking that they are probably checking to make sure you BROUGHT your wine… maybe you wouldn’t be allowed in without it. LOL


Anne, Erika, Timmy!

Me and Irving!

For Dessert, Irving’s Favorite!
I mean… his ULTIMATE favorite! This man can easily eat a whole box of these babies. 🙂 But he shared.

The show was great!
I love how they light up the bowl.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was when he played the Star Wars theme!

Out of NOWHERE, all these Light Sabers came to life in the audience!!

Look at them all!!!!


We were laughing so hard. Light Sabers are officially on my Christmas List for this year. (I never thought I’d say that!)



It was a great show to end the season on!


Hollywood Bowl: Dudamel! August 6, 2010

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Last night was my 3rd Bowl Night of the summer (here’s night one and night two!)


We got there a little later than usual, so we didn’t do the usual potluck picnic, but we still brought our dinner to enjoy under the stars. Erika and Timmy and I went to Vons to get Deli Sandwiches. My high school friend, Luca, texted me to place his order: Turkey + Cheese on sourdough with lettuce, avocado and pickles—-well imagine our dismay to find out when we got there that they forgot to put the cheese AND the turkey on the sandwich! How does that even happen?!

hahaha. two thumbs down for Vons.

Luca didn’t seem to mind too much, but I felt bad! Sorry Luca!

It was so fun to have a mini high school reunion at the Bowl! Still friends 13 years later!
(Well, I’ve known luca since 5th grade –which is 17 years?!?!)

Everybody knows that a night at the bowl isn’t complete without a bottle of wine (or two), but the older couple sitting next to us didn’t get the memo. Right when we sat down, the man proclaimed “Geez, I hope they don’t let the music interfere with their drinking.” I was kind of annoyed because my little group of friends is probably more respectful than the average twenty-something. I don’t like being judged. And PS, we split 1.5 bottles between 5 people –hardly the rowdy group!

So I did what any decent person would do, I offered them some watermelon and they obliged. 🙂 Situation remedied. Then he was nice to me for the rest of the show.  Kelley: 1, Rude people: 0.

PS, after the show, the man told me that he’s been coming to the bowl for 66 years. I told him that I’ve been coming for 6. He smiled and said “ah, well that means you have 60 wonderful years at the bowl to look forward to.” He’s now my friend, I thought that was sweet.

The show was conducted by Gustavo Dudamel (if you haven’t heard of him, watch the piece that 60 Minutes did on him last year, it was phenomenal.)

He has so much energy and he just LOOKS like he’s having a great time up there, which makes it so much more fun for the audience. He captivates people like I’ve never seen at the bowl. He got standing ovations.


We had so much fun listening to the awesome music under the stars.


We always sit way up in the bleachers (really can’t beat $8 tickets)! But I always bring my binoculars with me to get a closer look. (I even offered to let the old man use them, but he declined! See! I’m nice, not rowdy!)

Great night, as usual. I love living in Los Angeles!


Love those Summer Nights! July 26, 2010

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Saturday night, Erika and Timmy and Ashley and JR and Irving and I packed up a picnic and headed to the Hollywood Bowl to see Planet Earth Live.


From their website:

Spectacular footage from the celebrated BBC television series Planet Earth is shown in stunning high-definition on the Bowl’s big screen, accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the baton of the series’ award-winning composer, George Fenton. Together they will take you on an epic journey through the earth’s most amazing environments, featuring some of nature’s most mysterious and beautiful creatures.

But first…. THE FOOD!


Ashley made homemade Chicken Salad Sandwiches!

Erika made Baked Beans (that I tried and liked!) It was really good!!!

I made Pasta Salad!

What a fun picnic!

Oh you want to see us?

Ash and JR!

Erika and Timmy!

Irving and I!

YAY for Hollywood Bowl Picnics! Those are just the BEST!

I was making fun of Timmy because he ate the Pasta Salad… but left out all the veggies! That’s the best part! I ate them for him. I ❤ crunchy celery. I’m weird.

Erika’s Cookies… oh man, TO DIE FOR!

I mean look at those Chocolate Chips!

The show was fantastic. My favorite night at the bowl EVER.

The animals in it were SO CUTE! I especially loved the polar bears.

There was a cute little kid behind us asking every 5 minutes: “Is that the mommy? Where is the baby? Is the baby following the mommy?” Awe. Little kids love little animals. It was adorable.


Red, White and Blue July 3, 2010

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Tonight was our first Hollywood Bowl night of the season!!! And we kicked it off with a bang!

Tonight I went with Erica, Erika and Timmy! (Irving couldn’t make it this time, but there will be more).


We did a potluck picnic before the show. It was so fun!

Erika brought Pasta Salad (her mom’s secret recipe):

And Timmy made Turkey and Cheese wraps:

They even brought all the toppings to put on it! Aren’t they creative?


I brought dessert. First up was Red, White and Blue parfait cups!
IMG_4383 IMG_4385 IMG_4386

Very patriotic! (And Delicious!)

We also had some patriotic fun drinks!

Fuzzy Naval wine coolers:

And Riesling!

The wine was enjoyed during the show!

Erica and I:

Timmy and Erika:

We could see the Hollywood Sign from our seats!

Then the sun started to set and the show began!

Vince Gill was the guest tonight. He was great!

Then there were FIREWORKS!!!!

I was pretty impressed by the pictures that my little canon camera took!






What a fun night at the bowl! It definitely feels like summer now!
(Look! It’s an Eric(k)a sandwich!!!)


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