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Mac & Cheese, but not! March 24, 2011

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I (really) like Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi. It’s easy and delicious.

If I was by myself, I could easily eat that whole package. But that’s probably not a very good idea. Instead, I took some cues from Amanda and Andy and decided to bulk it up with veggies and split it among two meals. This is why I like to hang around with Smart People.

The gnocci has a butter and sage sauce, but when it’s heated up, the gnocci kind of gets a little mushy and it totally tastes like Mac & Cheese.

Mix it with some crack Frank’s Red Hot and you’ve got yourself a meal. MMmm!

We go through hot sauce like nobody’s business, so we stopped fooling around with those little bottles. Go big or go home.

Now I’m stuffed. And luckily I have a great lunch to look forward to tomorrow. Winning!


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