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Every Day of Her Life September 27, 2012

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A while back when I was pregnant, I came across this photo on pinterest:
121667627403816532_5F8ua1fZ_c [source]

The idea is to jot down the highlight of each day and you can look back and see what you did on the same day in years past. I LOVED this idea. So when I was 39 weeks pregnant, I got to work and bought a ton of index cards and labeled all of them (one for each day of the year).

Starting from the day Adele was born, I wrote what we did each day. I plan to keep this going until her 16th birthday.

Then when she looks back, she will know what she did every day of her entire life. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Quiet day at home”… and sometimes it’s more exciting.

I looked high and low for the perfect box to store them in. No recipe or index card box was big enough for 366 cards. But then I stumbled on this Caboodle in the kids section of Target! It’s pink and sparkly!! Perfect!

Someday, I’m sure she will treasure the contents inside. I do have a journal I write in, and her baby book… and this blog… But this seems like something even more special. Hope she likes it when she gets older!


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