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The Exersaucer September 19, 2012

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Adele isn’t quiiiite old enough for the exersaucer… her feet don’t yet reach the ground and she needs a towel wrapped around her so she doesn’t tip over, but she LOVES it! She likes to be upright and my arms get tired from propping her up all day, so we gave it a shot!

She already knows how to spin the fishies in front of her. I didn’t teach her that! How does she know how to do it?! She amazes me every day.


Sleep Success! September 18, 2012

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There have been a lot of new-mom tears shed in the months since Adele was born. But tonight, I cried tears of pure joy and accomplishment. Tonight, Adele fell asleep on her own without being rocked or swaddled!! Tonight I felt sheer pride as my baby fell asleep all by herself.


It may not sound like a big deal, but in my world, this is huge! I’ve literally walked around my house and rocked her to sleep almost every.single.night since she’s came home from the hospital. I usually had to make sure she was in a deep sleep before I could even think about putting her down. Otherwise she would startle herself awake the second her sweet head hit the mattress and I’d have to start all over again. Although I cherish those moments when she’s cozy in my arms, it’s exhausting. My back, legs and arms would be aching at the end of the night. I feel every ounce of her twelve pounds after an hour of swaying her back and forth.


But tonight was life-changing. Tonight I fed her, rocked her for a quick minute and placed her (awake) in her crib. She squirmed and wiggled, but I tip-toed out of her room anyways. I heard her cry for about ten minutes, and eventually, she drifted off to sleep! I was stunned. So much so that I quietly went back to put a hand on her chest to make sure she was still breathing. ha!


I feel like a million bucks. I feel like I’m mother-of-the-year. I feel like this was my first accomplishment in my new role as a parent. I just feel proud. Proud of me and proud of Adele. We’re both learning together. (Now, let’s just hope we can do it again tomorrow night!)


So what did I do with my extra hour of time tonight? An hour that I didn’t have to spend walking around my house with a baby in my arms? I took a bubble bath. I read a magazine. And I ate ice cream with strawberries on top. I had to celebrate!


Oh, oh, oh!!! Guess what else happened today?! She rolled over! Stomach to back! All on her own! Irving and I were both there to see it happen and it was magical. Little girl is growing up so fast.


These Hands were Made for Holdin’ September 11, 2012

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New this week! Adele found her hands! She’s been grabbing for things and holding on like a champ! So fun!


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