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Twenty-One Months Already! March 8, 2014

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It’s crazy to me that Adele is now 21 months old. She’s the best thing that ever happened to us and every day gets more and more fun. It’s been a blast seeing her grow into a ‘real person’ this month. Huge leaps in speech and learning. We can’t get enough of her lately.

A few changes this month:

-She shows her teeth when she smiles now. It totally changes how she looks and we think it’s the cutest thing ever.

-Her hair is growing like crazy! She hates bows and clips, but she’s been rocking the ponytails and pigtails (even side ponies!)
-She’s stringing lots of words together into sentences now. We went from “Mommy, Go” to “Mommy, milk, go” to “Mommy, more milk please, go!”
-She’s become a cuddler. She hugs and snuggles a lot now. Especially right before bed and right when she wakes up. She nuzzles into our shoulders. It started when she had a cold this month, and it looks like it’s a habit that’s sticking (yessss!!)

-She’s becoming braver. She’s still a pretty cautious kid, but I see her confidence building in what she can do.

-She’s become ‘Little Miss Independent’. Can’t keep her in her stroller anymore. Those feet are made for walking and she doesn’t want to be pushed around anymore. She can walk 2-3 blocks by herself, which I think is pretty impressive for a tiny person!


-Weight/Height = Unknown
-Diapers = 3’s (heading into 4’s very very soon)
-Shoes = Size 4
-Clothes = Um… she still fits into 12 month pants and t-shirts. Onsies are 18 months. Haven’t brought out the 24 month/2T clothes yet!!

She’s still going to bed at 7:30p most nights, but this month, she started waking up between 5:30-6a-ish!! I know we have been blessed with a consistent 8a wakeup for well over a year…. but I’m not used to waking up this early! And I don’t like it! I know we can’t complain, we just have to start going to bed earlier ourselves! We do love those early morning bed snuggles though.

Did I mention last month we ditched the pacifier (man, these months go by fast!) It’s still gone, we haven’t looked back. She’s still madly in love with Mr. Puppy though. I have three of the same one that I rotate so I always have one handy. But we lost one this month! I think she dropped it out of her stroller on an evening walk(?). Anyways, I went out today and bought a new one, so we’re back up to having three. Necessary.
She likes to chew on his tail. lol

Adele is doing a bit better in the food department, but it’s still frustrating to make sure she’s getting enough each day. She doesn’t eat much. We consider a few bites at each meal a victory. She’s still very picky about textures (declining anything with a skin, fiber or requires chewing). Seriously, why does she hate chewing things? It’s getting slightttttly better, but still really annoying. I chase her around the house picking up spit out pieces of food every day. WHY?!

Favorite foods at the moment: Cereal, cookies, strawberries, blackberries, bananas, goldfish, turkey meatballs, canned mandarin oranges, raisins, dried cranberries, yogurt, pouches of applesauce.

Yep, there’s lots and lots of words! Her memory is pretty impressive. She’s a little parrot and will repeat everything we say now! But she remembers most of it. Some of her new words:
-Elephant (ell-phant)
-Octopus (ock-puss)
-Outside (out-shide)
-Cereal (see-real)
-Oh Well
-Please (mees)
-Circle (shirt-cul)
-Yellow (lellow)
-Green (geen)
-Truck (tuck)
-and so many more I’m blanking on at the moment!

Her favorite toys are still books. But I think our computers/cell phones/kindle/tablets are creeping up to that spot now too. We try to limit the ‘screen time’ because it’s crazy how addicted to it she can get. She knows which games/videos we have loaded on each device, it’s nuts!

She also loves puzzles now, she can do all of our wooden puzzles in record speed. Her spacial judgment is getting better now. She understands shapes/sizes for the first time. She also loves her dollies and stuffed animals. And her play kitchen!

Oh and music! She LOVES music. Girl has rhythm in those hips! I have to make a music video of her dance skills soon!

Daddy built a fort for her last week that she loved. She also loves playing hide and seek behind curtains and under the covers in bed.

And now, I’ll leave you with a photo bomb of some of my favorite pictures of the week:

She calls her hooded towel a ‘hat’ and insists on wearing it sometimes. HAHA

Loves watching the trucks and puppies go by the window.



Watching ‘Elmo’. She also loves ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’. And she thinks she likes ‘Curious George’, she gets excited to see a monkey, but the show doesn’t keep her interest and then she’s back to asking for Elmo.

I love this picture because she still looks like a baby. I am constantly staring at her trying to remember what she looked like 6 months ago, a year ago, as a newborn. It’s getting harder and harder.



Watching the ants crawl around. LOL

To get this shot, I told her to go tickle the leaves. BAHAHA

Dancing in the street like nobody’s watching…


All of you veteran moms were right, this just keeps getting better!


Adele: 2 Months Old August 8, 2012

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Wow, two months old. It’s amazing how fast she has grown out of her newborn phase already. She is SUCH a great baby in so many ways. She teaches me new things every day. She’s such a happy, laid-back baby and gives us so many big smiles all day long. The world really needs more ‘Adele’s’. I learn from her daily. I can’t imagine my life without her, she is just so wonderful.

Here’s her official ‘2-Month Photo’:

This month was full of so many great things. In no particular order, here is the recap!

Adele’s love for her Daddy is so adorable to watch. When Irving comes into the room, her face lights up and she gives him the biggest laughs. He is not afraid to make funny faces and noises (even in public) to make her smile. She laughs even before he makes those sounds because she knows what’s coming.

I love to watch her interact with him. She gives him her undivided attention when he plays with her. It’s such a sweet love. Their bond is already strong, I can’t wait to see it grow over the years.



Their afternoon cuddle sessions have become routine. I love to sneak in and steal glimpses of them sleeping.



Contrary to popular belief, Adele thinks I have an amazing singing voice. Her favorite is “The Wheels on the Bus”, but she also settles for “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “The ABCs” and “Rock-A-Bye Baby” too. My favorite one to sing to her is “You are my Sunshine”. We also learned a bunch of new songs in our Mommy and Me class that I add into the rotation each week too. She really likes my voice (I know, I can’t believe it either) and she focuses on my face when I sing to her. She flatters me.
IMG_4516 IMG_4519

We both do a weekly class together where we sing songs, meet new friends, and talk about development and all things baby. I really love the class because of its social aspect. Lots of great ladies in there and all of the babies are around the same age. It’s fun to compare notes, ask questions and hear about other people’s journeys too. Last week, I learned some new Tummy Time techniques that Adele seemed to love.


Ok Moms, don’t hate me…Adele has been sleeping 9-10 hours straight through the night since she was 3.5 weeks old! She usually goes to bed around 9 and wakes up between 6:30a and 7a each morning. I’m not sure why or how, but I attribute it to her champion eating during the day. She eats about 5 ounces every 2.5 to 3 hours throughout the day and then doesn’t need to eat overnight. Knock on wood, but she’s 9 weeks old now and still going strong. People keep telling me this will end soon, but so far, it’s been 6 weeks straight of solid sleeping. She’s just like her mama!

To sleep at night, we still (triple) swaddle her, make the room really dark and put on white noise all night long. She’s been in her own crib since she was 4 weeks old. She sleeps best in her own room, so far, it’s working for us!

The downside to having a great night sleeper is that she’s a terrible napper. We’re lucky if she takes one half hour nap during the day. She might cat nap for 15 minutes a couple of times, but for the most part, she’s up all day long. If we know she’s tired, we’ll put her in the carrier, go for a drive or push her in the stroller and she’ll be able to catch some Zzzz’s, but never really at home. (Makes it hard to get things done during the day, but the tradeoff is a solid night’s sleep! I’ll take it!)

She LOVESSS Bath Time still. She is so zen in the tub. She really relaxes in there. It’s my fussy-time fix when I’m home with her at night. She only cries when I take her out—even if the water has started to get cold! She’d probably stay in there for hours if I’d let her!


I love her crazy bath hair too! So soft and it smells so good after! (Some of her baby hair fell out, but it’s starting to grow in again!)

We’ve successfully taken her on three trips so far! Palm Springs, Avila Beach and Yosemite! And we have a few more coming up too! We knew when we got pregnant that we’d have to adjust our traveling lifestyle a little bit, but so far, she’s keeping up with us and loving it! We bring the Pack N’ Play and she sleeps like a champ in that too! She’s really flexible and goes with the flow. As long as her needs are being taken care of, she’s happy to come along for the ride!

She’s so curious about everything around her. When we go out, she’s constantly looking around, following people around the room and taking in the scene. She looks out windows, into mirrors and over our shoulders. She is fascinated by the simplest things. She refuses to nap sometimes because she doesn’t want to shut her eyes. She enjoys being upright more than lying flat. I think it’s because she wants to see what’s going on all the time! I really hope to raise a curious child. It’s my #1 goal for her.

Right now, she loves mirrors and her playmat. She also loves anything with blinking lights or bright colors. She can’t grab onto things just yet, but you can tell she wants to soon! She does still like the MamaRoo too, but I think she might be outgrowing that soon—I think she finds it boring.

As of this week, she’s finally in Size 1 diapers. We tried to stretch our last box of newborn diapers out, but alas, she has officially outgrown them. At the doctor’s appointment this week, she was 10 lbs, 4 oz which puts her in the 25th percentile for weight. Her height was 21.5 inches (also 25th percentile). She’s healthy, proportional and happy.

(She also got 6 immunizations this week! SIX! One was an oral vaccine and the other 5 were shots in her thighs. OMG it was horrible. She did great though, I think I cried more than she did!)

Her diet still consists of 100% breastmilk. We’ve gotten into a great groove and it’s going really well. I’m pumping here and there when I know I need an extra bottle or two during the day. I hope I can keep it up when I go back to work and keep my supply up enough to feed her all day long when I’m not there. But I still have some time to worry about that later.

It’s been an awesome month, time is definitely picking up now. She’s already almost 9 weeks old! I can’t believe it! Happy two-months old, baby! We love you!


(Don’t forget to check out her weekly update pictures here too!)


One Month Update July 6, 2012

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Wow, Adele is 4 weeks old today – Happy One Month, little one! You have grown leaps and bounds since we first brought you home. You fit in so well in our little family. We can’t imagine life without you now. You are the most beautiful little girl we have ever seen. We fall more and more in love with you with each hour that passes. You continue to amaze us with your growth. We can see your body and mind developing at rapid speeds.
1month-blog (102)

Your newborn clothes no longer fit you. Especially the ones with leggings or long sleeves. You are now wearing the 3 month size. It’s a race to make sure you get to wear all the cute clothes your friends and family have sent to us. I have to go through your drawers this week to see what new clothes you can wear now.
1month-blog (359)

Your favorite thing in the whole world is bath time. Even on your fussiest days, the bath calms you like nothing else can. You love the water! I’m so excited to have a water baby. We have years of swimming ahead of us, my love. I love seeing your face light up when your piggies touch the warm water. You could probably sleep in there if I’d let you.
1month-blog (291)

You now love your playmat! You stare up at the little animals and bat them with your hands. You like to coo at them and watch them bounce back and forth. Right now, you only stay there for ten minutes or so before you get bored, but you seem more and more interested each day. It’s amazing to watch your curiosity as you gaze up at them.
1month-blog (119)

It’s becoming easier to distract you with toys now. You like things that light up or make noise. Looks like mommy and daddy need to go shopping to get you a few more!
1month-blog (332)

You love story time now too, it’s become part of our nightly routine. You love to listen to my voice and stare at the pages. The more colorful the better! Grammie loved reading to you as well this week! You stayed fixated on the book long enough for her to read it to you twice!
1month-blog (337)

You still hate the car seat when we first put you in it. But usually you fall asleep quickly and will stay asleep for a long time. One thing we learned is that you still do NOT like to have your hands free in there…
1month-blog (2)

…you much prefer to be swaddled up, even on the go.
1month-blog (163)

Hair bows are also new in the past week, thanks to Aunty Laurie and Mikaela. But this one might still be a little too big. Irving lovingly referred to it as a satellite dish on your head. (For the record, we really thought you were going to be a boy, and were not prepared for girly things like this. But you wear them well.)
1month-blog (296)

Speaking of hair, it’s amazing how fast yours is growing! Your eyelashes are super long now, and your hair grows a little bit more each day. It’s beautiful, soft hair and I love to feel it against my cheek when I hug you.
1month-blog (362)

You started sleeping through the night at three weeks old!! You usually have a 5-7 hour stretch of sleep from 11pm til 6am. We are greatly appreciating all the sleep you are giving us! You are on a really great schedule now. You eat every three hours during the day, like clockwork. You do have a fussy time for two hours or so in the evening sometimes, but since you’re sleeping so great during the night, we forgive you. From what I read, a lot of babies will feed constantly during this time so they can “tank it up” for the long night of sleep ahead.
1month-blog (138)

You still love being swaddled. It’s the only way you can fall asleep right now. You also love white noise. I have an app on my phone that sounds like a loud fan is blowing and you sleep with that noise all night long.
1month-blog (181)

Your daddy loves you so much too. He is so wonderful with you. He takes care of both of us. He is an amazing father and you are so very lucky. You love to cuddle with him. His voice calms you down too. You turn and look at him when he talks, it’s so cute to watch.
1month-blog (179)

You started smiling at us at 3.5 weeks too. I have yet to capture it on camera, but you definitely give us deliberate smiles when we sing to you. It’s a beautiful, joyous smile that fills my heart. You are a very happy baby! You make the funniest faces all day long too. My favorite ones are the milk drunk ones we get when we burp you. I love those little cheeks!
1month-blog (136)

Everyone said that life with a newborn becomes increasingly easier once you hit the 4-6 week mark. It’s so true that everything feels so RIGHT now. We’re sleeping a lot, breastfeeding has become pretty simple, you have more predictable behaviors and I feel like myself again. I’ve been so happy lately. The baby blues have been gone for over a week now and I feel excited to start each day and see how much you’ve changed. Even though I still can’t believe I have a daughter, I definitely feel like a mom, and I’m so proud to fill that role.

IMG_3633 IMG_3775

1month-blog (81) W

We have her one month appointment today, so I’ll report back with all her stats. She’s supposed to be getting some vaccinations too, and I am NOT looking forward to that. She will be getting extra cuddles this afternoon for sure!


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