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The Princess and the Pea December 21, 2012

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Adele sleeps really well through the night. She falls asleep easily in her crib and stays there for 12-13 hours straight.


But naps. That’s a whole different story. She naps great at Daycare, but when the weekends roll around, she only sleeps in the car, in the stroller or strapped into the carrier on either Irving or I. She doesn’t nap in the crib. [To her defense, we really haven’t put in my effort to make her try….]


To her, naptime = playtime and she laughs and plays for an hour doing this:


But this weekend, we figured it out. She just wanted to nap in mom & dad’s bed instead!

She slept like that for 3 hours Sunday afternoon! Apparently she just needs pillows and a duvet cover to catch her Zzzz’s! File that one under #spoiled.


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