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The Hallowedding October 30, 2013

One of my favorite friends from Emerson got married last weekend in an epic event dubbed “The Hallowedding”. It was one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever been to! Michelle and Alex are the funnest couple I know, their love for life and each other is contagious. I had a blast!

It took place at the Carousel on the Santa Monica Pier. How cool is that!! We got to ride the Merry-Go-Round all night long!! That right there makes it the best night ever.

It was fun hanging out with my friends Noah and Janet too!

Oh, you’re probably wondering why they have Sheep hats on…I forgot to mention… since it was the Hallowedding, all the guests had to come in costume! And if anyone knows Emerson, you know people take their costumes seriously. Janet and Noah were “Sheep in a Jeep”!

There were some amazing costumes there, some of the best I’ve ever seen! Made mine look so amateur. I forgot I was in Hollywood, among some of the most creative people in the industry. But I had fun with my costume… I went as a Silent Movie Star.

Black lipstick. Hmmm. there’s a first time for everything!

But enough about me, let’s talk about how gorgeous the bride was!


They put some much thought into all of the details. They had a “Flipbook Photo Booth” where all the guests did a 7 second skit in front of a camera and it prints out an actual paper flipbook of your actions!! And they got video files of everyone’s hilarious acting.

There was also a beer pong tournament, a polaroid camera guestbook, and a bar… but not just any bar… they turned the merry-go-round ice cream parlor into the bar! Which meant you could order milkshakes or sundaes… spiked with alcohol. I should have tried one! Now I wish I did!

But I did have my share of sweets from the awesome dessert buffet. S’Mores cookies and Cookie Dough cupcakes? Yes please!

They promised “surprises” throughout the night, and that included a midnight delivery from Taco Bell! I can officially say that my first Taco Bell taco EVER was consumed at the Hallowedding. Yes, I know. How did i go 30 years without ever trying one. It was pretty awesome.

It was a great night out and I was so thankful to be a part of Michelle and Alex’s special night. Congratulations to you guys! And as I said in my guestbook message: “May your marriage be as fun as your wedding.” It was fantastic!



A Surprise Birthday Beach Picnic!! June 14, 2010

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Irving’s birthday is on Tuesday, but I surprised him last night for a Birthday Picnic at the beach! Erika, Timmy and I surprised him with balloons when he got out of work.


We headed down to the Santa Monica pier.

Happy Birthday, Irving!

We had quite the picnic!!!


Irving really enjoyed it!


MMmm Cherries!!!

But the star of the picnic was, of course, the COOKIES!IMG_4057

I mean, LOOK at this!



We were totally entertained my the birds that kept trying to eat the trash. Poor things.

They were really funny to watch though. We felt bad for them. haha

Then we played frisbee for over an hour. What a workout!
P1000574 P1000575 IMG_4070 IMG_4071 IMG_4072 IMG_4073  IMG_4076

Fun Fact about Irving:
He is a righty and does everything with his right hand except throw a Frisbee!


I also had some fun playing with my camera:



And my favorite:

What a fun spontaneous night!


We didn’t get any sunsets (it was super cloudy), but we had a great time!

Happy Birthday, darling!

PS… Erika has some pics on her blog too! Check them out!


Billy and Sara’s Trip to LA! May 10, 2010

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This weekend, my cousin Billy and his girlfriend, Sara, were in Los Angeles.
(Actually, we’re 4th cousins, our great-grandmothers were sisters!)

They are on an amazing 3 month road trip across the United States. 
You can find their awesome blog and see their map here!

(He’s also launching a fun dating site soon, check it out: )

When I found out they would be passing through LA, I was so excited to play tourguide for a day (and give them a break from all that driving!)

We started our day out in Santa Monica. The skies were overcast, but once we got to the beach, it had cleared up.

Did you know that old historic route 66 ended in Santa Monica?

One of the stores had this awesome display of foreign currency!

The Pier was really pretty:

I love this giant concrete thing on the beach. When they roll it out, it imprints a map of Los Angeles into the sand!

I really should go to the beach more often. It’s so pretty.



Me and Billy:


Then we headed down to Venice Beach. I’m always hesitant to go down there because it is kind of weird. But they did clean it up a little bit since the last time I was there. They just put in this awesome skate park for the kids. It’s like an urban playground. I think it’s a great idea.


Then we ate at in-and-out (where you just have to eat when you visit LA).
We went to Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills and then over to Hollywood.

I took a detour up Mulholland Drive for the most amazing views back on Los Angeles.



Then we wandered around Hollywood & Highland for a bit and met up with Irving.

Then we drove up the other side to the Hollywood Sign.

The sun was setting and we had some great light for photos!
(Hi Irving!)





Great picture guys!


And a few of us too!



We can jump too!

Just not as high as they do!


Then we headed over to City Walk where we ate at Saddle Ranch.
And I have to admit… I rode the Bull for the first time!

Billy and Sara went first and they made it look easy!

I decided that I’d only ride it in my Boston Marathon Jacket. lol

Did you see how the Bull totally hit me in the head at the end?!?! That was NOT fun!

But dinner was pretty amazing. It doesn’t matter what you order, as long as you get a side of the Sweet Potato Casserole with it. Dude. This stuff is amazing. Roasted Marshmallows on top!

And that pretty much was sweet enough to be called dessert.

Until the waitress brought THIS over “on the house”!
COTTON CANDY! What?! This thing was as big as 2 basketballs!

We had a few a lot of pieces…
And then we poured water over the top and watched it melt. It was pretty impressive.

And that concludes our 13 hour tour around Los Angeles!


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