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popchips: a review and a giveaway! July 5, 2011

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The awesome people over at popchips sent me some samples to review. I’ve had the original and BBQ flavors before, but I was excited to see what new varieties they had as well.

popchips are all-natural and have some pretty great stats:
-They’re popped (not baked or fried)
-Less than half the fat of fried chips
-No transfat, saturated fat or cholesterol
-No preservatives, colors or fake flavors
-No greasy residue


They also sent me a sweet bag clip (how cute is that? A bag clip from a potato chip company! Brilliant!)

Irving and I dug into the first bag right away. We chose the Sour Cream and Onion first because it’s a flavor we don’t get very often, but I used to LOVE those kinds of chips!
The flavor was perfect. Not too salty or overbearing. The right amount of tastiness for the chip. popchips are denser than regular chips. Almost like Munchos, remember those? MMmm! (but these are much healthier!)

I couldn’t show you a bag of chips without subjecting you to another photo of my face! haha.
PS….. I spy Irving in the mirror!

The next flavors we tried were shared with our friends (and new parents!) Erika and Timmy! They grabbed the BBQ and sea salt & vinegar flavors. It was the perfect pre dinner party snack! Light, satisfying and delicious. I think they liked them!

On our roadtrip up to San Francisco, I had the salt & pepper flavor to keep me company. I always get hungry on long car trips, probably out of boredom. But popchips were the perfect snack for the road. I really liked these. I’d say they were a bit on the salty side, but the pepper flavor was PERFECT. They kept my mouth happy.


I still have the Cheddar and Original flavors left, and I’ll probably save those for a Hollywood Bowl night or for a time when I am craving something munchy.

Thanks again to popchips for letting me try the new flavors!

For more information on popchips, check out their website or their blog!

Want to win some free chips??? Leave a comment below and tell me what flavor you want to try.
I’ll randomly pick a winner on Thursday morning to receive a coupon for a free bag!



I Kidnapped The Snack Aisle! October 14, 2009

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Today was a beautiful rainy day in LA! I even wore a thick sweater to work! Woo Hoo!!! The misty weather probably would have been perfect for an evening run, but we decided to take a field trip over to Target instead. In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to go after work when I was starving because look what we came back with!


Um yea. A whole lotta snacks! But in my defense, a lot of it was seriously on sale!

This was the star of the show:


 Vanilla Bean Truffles…. Heaven!

Was this really the purchase of a marathon runner? HAHA I feel like such a faker sometimes. Oh well.  I guess one could argue that Fruit Leather, Granola Bars, Whole Grain Goldfish and Kids Balance bars arent that bad, right? But Halloween Oreos? I have nothing to say about that….that was all Irving.


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