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Lake Tahoe Fun March 26, 2010

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Last weekend, Irving and I headed up to Lake Tahoe for a fun weekend with some family and friends! We met up with EJ, Sarah, Sarah #2, Doug, Jake and Janie! It was such a blast.

We flew into Reno early on Saturday morning. From the airport, we headed directly to a Snow Mobile tour! It was a BLAST!

We suited up and headed out. We had to take a school bus to the trailhead. We totally felt like we were going on a Field Trip. haha

When we got there, we had to pick our machines! They had so many!

We picked a good one and we were ready to go!

Hi Guys!

And were off!

We headed up the mountains and at the top, we had AMAZING views of Lake Tahoe!

It was perfect, so we had a photoshoot!

Brother and Sister!

Sister and Sister!

Irving and I!
Yay for old friends! (Sarah and I!)

The boys! Doug and Irving!

HAHAHA this picture makes me laugh!

On the way down, I drove a little bit! Kind of scary along those cliffs!
And my sisters will appreciate that I probably stuck out my tongue the whole way down. Bahahaha!

Towards the end, we stopped for a hot chocolate break! They have a "secret recipe" and we were trying to figure out what it was!

We think it might have been cinnamon or some other kind of spice. It was really good.

But I definitely couldn’t finish a whole cup of it. Too much of a good thing I guess. 🙂

Then we headed back on our machines for the rest of the tour!


For some more highlights, check out the video we made! It was so much fun!

That night, we went out to celebrate Jake and Janie’s birthday!

I was in a random mood and got an awesome salad with a side of saffron rice. MMmm!

The next day, Sarah and Doug went snowboarding and the rest of us hung out in South Lake Tahoe. We walked along the beach and it was absolutely GORGEOUS!


Pretending to fight "like real sisters". hahaha

Hubby and I!

I think this is a cute picture of Irving and Jake. :) 

Then we spent the rest of the day in the Casinos. Irving really wanted to gamble on the NCAA games that were on. Thankfully, we found a smoke-free sportsbook inside Harvey’s Casino. It was actually pretty nice. I think overall, we lost, but I totally won on the "Goldfish" Slot game!

Unfortunately, while were losing all our money in the casinos and Sarah & Doug were snowboarding, Doug broke his shoulder! It was so sad. Getting hurt on vacation totally stinks. We felt really bad. Get better soon, Doug!!! It was such a bummer. We love you guys!

The next day, Irving, Sarah, EJ, Jake and Janie headed up the mountain to ski. I didn’t want to risk breaking my leg a month before the Boston Marathon, so I opted out. Looks like they had a great time though!

While they were out,  I totally enjoyed some alone time in the beautiful weather. I went for a long walk and snapped a few pictures.

Then I had an amazing massage at one of the resorts. So refreshing! I finished with just enough time to catch Irving’s last run down Heavenly.

Here’s the video of his last run. He’s a rockstar on those snow blades!

What a great trip!!


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