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Lake Tahoe: A Prairie Walk February 22, 2012

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On Sunday, we made plans to have a quiet day in Tahoe, everyone split up to do their own thing and we made plans to catch up with one of Irving’s high school friends and his girlfriend. At first, we tried to grab lunch at a place we found on Yelp called Lake Taco. We thought the name was hilarious and searched and searched for it… turns out, it’s basically a beach hut that is only open in the summer. Fail.

So we ended up at a place up the street called Margaritas. It was pretty good, though I just had a basic quesadilla with some rice and guac. 

And then we drove to a walking path and took it wherever the trail led us, which happened to be this gorgeous sprawling marsh (looked like a prairie though!)

I’m sure that on an average year, this place is packed with snow, but it has been a strange year, and it became the perfect place for a winter hike.
PS.. major points for being able to zip my winter coat! It was a tight fit, but me and the baby were able to stay warm!


Friends for almost 20 years!

We had a blast with these guys, wish we lived closer!

We tried to get some artsy pictures, but the sun was so high in the sky the shadows were tough.
Notice the mittens? They’re from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!

As we kept walking, our terrain turned from Marsh to Beach! Lake Tahoe is amazing. So picturesque and everywhere you look has a fabulous view.

I wanted so badly to make a snowman next to a sandcastle. But it was a little too cold.



That night, Irving went out to hang with his friends again and Erica and I headed to the Casino to grab a buffet dinner. It was fabulous. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for, so assembling a plate of randoms (mac & cheese, salad, bok choy, etc!) seemed perfect. I have to really be in the mood for a buffet, but this one hit the spot. The soft serve for dessert was heaven too!

The next day, everyone hit the slopes at Heavenly to ski and I stayed in bed til after noon! Can’t remember the last time I did that! But I wasn’t feeling that great and felt a cold coming on, so I used the time to rest up. I went to the doctor yesterday and turns out I actually have an infection in my lungs that is causing the most annoying cough. It’s been a rough week, but I’m hoping it goes away soon. Every time I cough I apologize to the baby for the earthquake it must be causing in there!

Anyways, looks like everyone had a great time on the mountain though!

Check out the views they had of the lake from up there too! Jealous!

On the way out, we grabbed dinner at the Hard Rock Café and then hit the road back home to LA. 8 more hours in the car! It was a fabulous weekend away, and one of the last ones until the baby comes!


Lake Tahoe: Where is all the Snow? February 20, 2012

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We had an excellent weekend up in Lake Tahoe. The weather was amazing…blue skies and not ridiculously freezing. In fact, it was so nice that Tahoe has barely any snow! Usually by this time of year they have at least a four foot base, but sadly there was not much white stuff to be seen.

Irving went up skiing on Saturday with a group of friends who were up there for a Bachelor/Bachelorette party and Erica and I got an awesome tour of the area by Jake and Janie.

A lot of the roads that are usually closed off this time of year were open because of the dry conditions. We got a (normally off-limits) view of Emerald Bay!

Still got a taste of the snow though. there were patches of it throughout.

Thank you to J&J for the history behind Tahoe and all the little known secrets of the area. So fun!

From there, we headed down to the beach to see the lake up close. So strange to see snow along the sand.

I think these ducks were a little confused though. That water was near freezing!

Get warm, little ducks!

Later, we headed into town a bit. First stop, a cute bakery that smelled delicious. I didn’t get anything, but next time, for sure!

And then a pitstop for lunch at the Red Hut Café.

Such a cute place! There are three locations in Tahoe now.

Everyone ordered salads…. and I ordered the grilled cheese (with tomato and avocado, of course).

To digest, we headed over the border to the Nevada casinos to get a view of the village.


A little while later, Erica and I went back to the village to window shop and then stopped for some hot cocoa right under the Gondola.

Can’t beat the view!

This was also the stop for yesterday’s bump photos!

Once the sun started to set, it got cold so we started to head back to the hotel.

It was an awesome day, felt like a world away from LA.

Stay tuned for part 2!


My Kelocity Baby: 24 Weeks February 19, 2012

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Wow, this week went by fast. 24 weeks makes me about 6 months pregnant! SIX! That is a little surreal to me. I forget sometimes that I’m pregnant until I see my reflection in a mirror and I’m like “OMG WHAT HAPPENED!” Baby is growing strong in there! We had an appointment this week and everything is looking great! Baby’s heart rate was 155. Hard to believe I have less than four months left til D-Day! (Delivery Day!)

How I’m feeling: Still feeling awesome. I’m definitely moving a bit slower than usual, but I actually feel fantastic. I’m starting to feel more connected with the baby now and I find myself talking to him/her sometimes. The baby also loves to dance on my bladder and when I try to gently move it out of the way, it kicks back in protest. And my, how the kicks have gotten stronger lately! Sometimes they take me by surprise. What a wonderful feeling though.

I’ve also started to feel a little anxious in the past week or two. Just general nerves about how life will change once the baby comes. Will I be a good mom? Will I know how to hold the baby? Will I still be able to be myself and do the things I love to do? My pregnancy book says these emotions creep up in the second trimester, so I know it’s all normal. =)

Weeks along:
24 Weeks (about six months!)

Pounds Gained:   13.3 lbs Total  
Pregnancy Woes:

  • A little bit of round ligament pain this week, but it’s just a reminder to slow down a bit and put my feet up.

Pregnancy Loves:

  • Mall Pretzels (had one last weekend, terrible, I know, but so so so good!)
  • Not getting Migraines. I had two small ones in the first trimester, but have been migraine free for four months. This is SUCH a blessing to me.


Items we got for the baby:

  • Closet Organizer – Feels so great to have a place to put all of the baby’s things!
  • For valentine’s day, I found this and gave it to Irving. Seriously, how cute!
    It says Wild About Daddy.  I couldn’t resist.

Goal for this week:

  • Go to Lake Tahoe (we’re already here!) My doctor called me her hero for agreeing to an 8-hour car ride while 6 months pregnant. But it was pretty easy and SO worth it!

Next Appointment: I have my 1-hour glucose test in two weeks! (gross)

Highlights of the Week:

  • Getting Baby Closet Organizer
  • We had an appointment this week and that’s always fun when things are looking good!
  • Valentine’s Day! Such a fun night out. I loved spending time with Irving, just the two of us. We savored it.

Special thanks to rockstar friend, Erica for taking my pictures this week!!! Thank you!!

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Lake Tahoe Fun March 26, 2010

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Last weekend, Irving and I headed up to Lake Tahoe for a fun weekend with some family and friends! We met up with EJ, Sarah, Sarah #2, Doug, Jake and Janie! It was such a blast.

We flew into Reno early on Saturday morning. From the airport, we headed directly to a Snow Mobile tour! It was a BLAST!

We suited up and headed out. We had to take a school bus to the trailhead. We totally felt like we were going on a Field Trip. haha

When we got there, we had to pick our machines! They had so many!

We picked a good one and we were ready to go!

Hi Guys!

And were off!

We headed up the mountains and at the top, we had AMAZING views of Lake Tahoe!

It was perfect, so we had a photoshoot!

Brother and Sister!

Sister and Sister!

Irving and I!
Yay for old friends! (Sarah and I!)

The boys! Doug and Irving!

HAHAHA this picture makes me laugh!

On the way down, I drove a little bit! Kind of scary along those cliffs!
And my sisters will appreciate that I probably stuck out my tongue the whole way down. Bahahaha!

Towards the end, we stopped for a hot chocolate break! They have a "secret recipe" and we were trying to figure out what it was!

We think it might have been cinnamon or some other kind of spice. It was really good.

But I definitely couldn’t finish a whole cup of it. Too much of a good thing I guess. 🙂

Then we headed back on our machines for the rest of the tour!


For some more highlights, check out the video we made! It was so much fun!

That night, we went out to celebrate Jake and Janie’s birthday!

I was in a random mood and got an awesome salad with a side of saffron rice. MMmm!

The next day, Sarah and Doug went snowboarding and the rest of us hung out in South Lake Tahoe. We walked along the beach and it was absolutely GORGEOUS!


Pretending to fight "like real sisters". hahaha

Hubby and I!

I think this is a cute picture of Irving and Jake. :) 

Then we spent the rest of the day in the Casinos. Irving really wanted to gamble on the NCAA games that were on. Thankfully, we found a smoke-free sportsbook inside Harvey’s Casino. It was actually pretty nice. I think overall, we lost, but I totally won on the "Goldfish" Slot game!

Unfortunately, while were losing all our money in the casinos and Sarah & Doug were snowboarding, Doug broke his shoulder! It was so sad. Getting hurt on vacation totally stinks. We felt really bad. Get better soon, Doug!!! It was such a bummer. We love you guys!

The next day, Irving, Sarah, EJ, Jake and Janie headed up the mountain to ski. I didn’t want to risk breaking my leg a month before the Boston Marathon, so I opted out. Looks like they had a great time though!

While they were out,  I totally enjoyed some alone time in the beautiful weather. I went for a long walk and snapped a few pictures.

Then I had an amazing massage at one of the resorts. So refreshing! I finished with just enough time to catch Irving’s last run down Heavenly.

Here’s the video of his last run. He’s a rockstar on those snow blades!

What a great trip!!


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