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Swim To the Pier!! July 27, 2011

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Day two at the lake included lots of…well, swimming in the lake!! Seriously, the water is crisp, clean and fresh and you actually feel cleaner coming out of it. (Don’t worry, I still showered… sometimes).


For the past ten summers that Irving’s been coming to the lake with me, he’s been DYING to swim to the pier. Of course, you really can’t do that since it has heavy boat traffic, but he still wanted to swim as far as he could.


My mom is a really good swimmer (she used to teach and swim competitively!) So she and Irving swam away. I’m a pretty good swimmer, but my endurance isn’t that great right now. So Chris and I grabbed a fun noodle and tried to catch up!Kelley Pix (91)

Once we got there, I gave Irving my noodle and swam back completely unassisted! Swim for the win! I’m paranoid about touching the slimy rocks on the bottom, so it forced me to keep kicking!
Kelley Pix (92)

Kelley Pix (93)

Per summer vacation rules, lunch was served on paper plates right on the beach! (Chicken Parm Leftovers! YAY!)

Fun fact: Those blue napkins are from our bachelorette party on the lake!Kelley Pix (95)

I’m not sure what we did between lunch and dinner… probably reading, swimming, reading, swimming.

And then we eat again! Do you ever feel like that’s all you do on vacation is eat? At least the company was good! Beers for the boys!Kelley Pix (97)

They were working hard out there in the heat!Kelley Pix (98)

These guys are soul mates. Seriously. They’re so funny when they get together. Maybe they’ll be brother-in-laws someday (no pressure!)Kelley Pix (101)

Irving and Papa!Kelley Pix (102)

After dinner, we went for an evening walk to burn off some of our eats from the week.

I’d walk more often if my route looked like this! How pretty is that channel. IMG_6410

This is Irving and my dream boat. It’s a Speedster. A mix between a jetski and a boat. Looks like so much fun!

I used one walk to justify a whole day of eating… and then rewarded myself with ice cream. Healthy living? What healthy living?
Kelley Pix (103)

What a perfect, relaxing day. Everything about it was just perfect. 🙂


Rainy Sunday Morning January 30, 2011

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This morning, I woke up incredibly sore from yesterday’s workout. I’m really feeling it in my butt, calves and back! I spent some time on the floor with a foam roller and a tennis ball. Feels a little better, but I feel a migraine coming on from my stiff shoulders. Nothing a little Dunkin’s can’t cure!

First thing, Irving and I set out on a walk to run some errands, coffee in hand!

It felt great to get the blood circulating. I’m still a little nervous about my shin splints since I’m running a half marathon next Sunday! So I am just taking it easy until then in the hopes it heals a little before the race.

Just as we were heading back home, it started to rain (I LOVE THE RAIN!) Today will be spent folding laundry, Costco and grocery shopping. Kathy Kaehler coined a phrase called ‘Sunday Setup’, and it means that every Sunday, you plan, shop and prep all your meals for the week. Irving got right to work on Sunday paper coupon cutting!

And I plotted out our meals for the week. This makes it a little less daunting. We are planning our meals around other events we have planned this week, so hopefully it will keep us organized.

I hope the rain keeps the crowds away from Costco today!


Muggles in the Morning September 26, 2010

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This morning, I took Erika and Timmy’s dog Muggles out for a stroll in Griffith Park. He seemed excited when I picked him up!

Our first stop was the Autry Museum. Dog’s love to learn about new things. 🙂

The n we headed out to the trail.

There were lots of new poles to sniff.

Muggles lead the way.

He did SUCH a good job walking. He LOVED the path. Probably because there’s no traffic on it. 🙂

Then we watched some golfers…

Muggles tried to keep up with the runners.


Hi Auntie Kelley!

I think he was totally tuckered out! He’ll take a nice nap today.


PS. If you’re interested, Dinner #8 was a smashing hit. I made Erica’s Maple Chicken for the third time. As usual, it was amazing. It’s just so good. You have to try it. I added carrots too and it was divine. YUM.


Moonlight Walk! September 16, 2010

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Irving and I went for a walk last night with two of our favorites:


And Ashley (and Spud)!

IMG_6004 IMG_6002

I love Fall!!!


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