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Adventures of a Computer Nerd! May 1, 2010

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YAYYYYY!!!! My new computer is done!!! Irving and I started building my new computer piece by piece last year, and it’s finally done! And it’s pretty sweet.

This week we installed the final touches:

And Irving set it all up!

I can’t believe that when I hit the “power” button, the thing actually turned on!

It’s amazing how a hunk of metal actually does what you want it to. All those wires and plugs actually worked! I couldn’t believe it.

The only dud out of everything was my Rosewill all-in-one card reader. I don’t recommend it. It didn’t work at all. Boo. But everything else is working great!

And now I’m getting to know my new best friend: Windows Live Writer! Don’t you love my new “rounded photos”? It makes blogging SO much easier!

Woo hoo!


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