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Safety First! January 20, 2011

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Tonight, I went out to a bar with some friends after work. Instead of alcohol, I got a seltzer/cranberry (two please!) And I passed on all the yummy (but incredibly greasy) appetizers. Part of me was sad because those deep fried cheese balls looked gooooood! But I also felt empowered. I am the girl with absolutely no will power. And tonight was victorious. I told my friends that I couldn’t indulge because I was going for a run after! And once I had in my head that I was going, there were no excuses and no battles in my head.

I was going running tonight. And that was that.

The other night, Irving and I almost got run over by a seemingly drunk driver. So tonight, we exercised caution and prepared for a nighttime jog. Don’t be jealous of my super reflective crossing guard running vest!

Florecent Yellow and pink is MY color, yes?


I also sported the blinking light arm band. Oh yes!

Irving and I did a slow 3-mile jog, it was fun to catch up, and keep my promise to myself to run. SUCCESS!


3 Responses to “Safety First!”

  1. MIkaela Says:

    chris wants to know how many batteries your vest takes lol

  2. Diana Says:

    Congrats on keeping your promise to yourself! I have no idea how you went out and STILL went for a run. No way could I do that. I would totally hear the couch whispering sweet nothings into my ear.!!

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