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Cookie Dough Banana Soft Serve April 21, 2011

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I have a sweet tooth. A bad one. Maybe it’s just habitual, but everyday after lunch and after dinner, I’m jonsing for some chocolate. Cookies and anything with frosting will get me everytime. Le sigh.

Tonight, I whipped up another batch of the most delicious banana soft serve. Started it off with 1.5 frozen bananas.

And gave them a twirl in my smaller food processor (which actually works better than the Cuisinart for something like this.

I also added in some chocolate peanut butter to sweeten it up.

Bada-Bing! Topped off with a few easter/baby shower M&Ms.

Doesn’t it look like cookie dough ice cream?

Irving had a Trader Joes Ice Cream Sandwich (which are also good, but twice the calories!)
But don’t think for a second that I didn’t have one of these earlier in the week. Summer is here!

His and Hers!

Hit the spot.

We’re off to watch Weeds! I love that show. It just keeps getting funnier. Kevin Nealon makes the show.


6 Responses to “Cookie Dough Banana Soft Serve”

  1. That banana soft serve looks magical and I am going to make it soon! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Monica Says:

    Holy wow. M&Ms on banana soft-serve……magic.

  3. Amanda Says:

    oh yum to both the banana soft serve and the cookie sandwich! I freaking love cookies! And bananas!

  4. I have bananas that have been sitting in the freezer for MONTHS. Wonder if they are still ok to use for this…

  5. Erika Says:

    Omg that looks sooo good! I’m glad to see you tried the TJ ice cream sandwiches! Yum!!

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