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Sugar, Chocolate and Coffee Beans July 9, 2011

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Trader Joes recently introduced a new product. It’s a Sugar, Chocolate & Coffee Bean Grinder. I’ll take a gamble on just about anything Trader Joes puts on the shelves, so we decided it was definitely worth a taste.

They say you can put it on anything: cake, coffee, ice cream. **Record Scratch**  ICE CREAM?! Well then I bet it would be GREAT on banana soft serve ice cream!

I whirled up some plain banana soft serve and sprinkled my little heart away.

It added just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. Such a great idea! Such a great idea. I think the grinder only cost $1.99 which is pretty awesome for something so great that will probably last a long time.

I wonder what else I could put this stuff on?


Cookie Dough Banana Soft Serve April 21, 2011

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I have a sweet tooth. A bad one. Maybe it’s just habitual, but everyday after lunch and after dinner, I’m jonsing for some chocolate. Cookies and anything with frosting will get me everytime. Le sigh.

Tonight, I whipped up another batch of the most delicious banana soft serve. Started it off with 1.5 frozen bananas.

And gave them a twirl in my smaller food processor (which actually works better than the Cuisinart for something like this.

I also added in some chocolate peanut butter to sweeten it up.

Bada-Bing! Topped off with a few easter/baby shower M&Ms.

Doesn’t it look like cookie dough ice cream?

Irving had a Trader Joes Ice Cream Sandwich (which are also good, but twice the calories!)
But don’t think for a second that I didn’t have one of these earlier in the week. Summer is here!

His and Hers!

Hit the spot.

We’re off to watch Weeds! I love that show. It just keeps getting funnier. Kevin Nealon makes the show.


Outlet Shopping + Homemade Ice Cream May 29, 2010

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We heard a rumor that there were some great sales up at the Outlets for Memorial Day, so we decided to make a day of it.

We had breakfast at Jamba Juice and drove up to Camarillo just in time for the stores to open their doors! We’re glad we got there early because by the end of the day, it was packed!

I had success at Ann Taylor Loft (my favorite store!)

Didn’t get this one, but it was fun anyways!

I love how they reserve fitting rooms while you shop!

We literally shopped from 10am til 5:30pm! It was fun to hang out and enjoy the sunny day together. The mall is outdoors, which we love. Irving’s pedometer said we walked over 3.5 miles shopping today!

Oh… get this! In the ADIDAS store, we found ONE Men’s Boston Marathon Jacket… for $24.99 and then 25% off!!


I was really mad to see that there! It’s too early!!! They had 2009 Boston Marathon Finisher Shirts there too. I think you should have to earn those shirts! Not buy them on clearance at the outlet store! Or maybe that’s just me being upset for spending $90 on the same item. lol

ANNNYWAYS, the trip was definitely a success!

For dinner, we had a Costco Take and Bake Pizza!

And THEN I made some Christmas Miracle Banana+Nutella Soft Serve Ice Cream!

If you’ve never had this, you have to make it! Here’s an easy tutorial!

You have to freeze some ripe peeled bananas ahead of time and keep them in the freezer.

Grab your food processor (or a really good blender):

Drop in your frozen bananas:



It’ll probably look a little chunky at first, but just keep blending. Eventually, it becomes creamy, like ice cream!

Now…here’s the crucial step… add Nutella!!!!!

(Irving is mad I keep eating away at his jar of Nutella… but you snooze you lose, buddy.)

It was SOOOOO good! You can definitely eat it plain (just bananas), but I like to add in some chocolate or coconut just to kick it up a little bit.

Next time, I think I’ll add some peanut butter too. It really does taste like ice cream!


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