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Chocolate or Vanilla August 11, 2011

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I didn’t get outside once today! It was such a nice day too. Hope to change that tomorrow and go for a nice walk.

Next week I will be switching my blog to a self-hosted server. I’m so excited that my little blog is growing up! I’ve been trying to tweak a few things to get it ready for the big move. Let me know if you notice anything strange in the next few days.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank my lucky stars for friends like Erica who brought me an AMAZING chocolate treat from her recent trip to Canada. (She was there at the same time Will and Kate were there!)

We adore Ice Wine. It’s a little pricey, but once a year or so, it’s definitely worth the splurge. Ice Wine comes from grapes that are harvested while they’re frozen so they can only make it in certain parts of the world (like Canada!)

Whoever thought to combine this with chocolate should win some kind of prize. It was delicious! Thanks, Erica!

Irving and I went to the grocery store tonight (armed with BOATLOADS of coupons from BlogHer!) He wandered around the store looking for boring things like BBQ sauce and milk while I beelined to my favorite aisle.

Boy, do I love cereal. I could spend all day looking at cereal boxes, comparing prices, sizes and taste. Growing up my mom used to have a $2 rule. We had to choose the cereal that was $1.99 or less. Nowadays it’s hard to find a box for less than $3, but I still try to go for the sales and use my coupons. I totally broke all the rules tonight when I walked away with this.

I got a few samples of this at BlogHer this weekend and I LOOOOOVED it. It was $4.49 (my mom is probably gasping out loud right now!) but I had a coupon that brought it down to $3.50. Still pricey, but worth it for a product I now love so much. (Hear that Quaker? you gave me a free sample and I shelled out a few bucks for more just a few days later! Marketing for the win!)

Classic Foods sent me (two) boxes of some of their new Baked Classics Chips recently. I wasn’t expecting to get quite so many, so I have been sharing the love with my friends lately.

They made an appearance at the Hollywood Bowl last week and I passed them out to our friends. Chips make great picnic food. They travel well and it’s fun to have your own bag.

They sent over a new product that I’ve never seen before: Vanilla Frosting Multigrain Chips. I am a total vanilla girl. I almost always choose vanilla over chocolate if given the choice! (But I’ll never turn down good chocolate either, don’t get me wrong!) Wait… a vanilla frosting flavored chip? How intriguing!

“They are popped to a light, crunchy crisp and then seasoned in the mouth-watering flavor of Vanilla Frosting.”

They have no cholesterol, trans fat, saturated fat, preservatives, msg, high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or coloring.

I’m a huge vanilla fan and I really, really liked these. They feel indulgent, totally satisfy my sweet tooth and surprised my taste buds a bit. I’ve been bringing them with my lunches lately, but I always save the chips for my 3pm sugar craving hour. Always does the trick.

I asked my friends to try them too and let me know what they think. Overall, most people liked them and appreciated what a new and different product it was. But some thought the taste was a bit artificial. It’s also a little strange because they do taste like a rich sugar cookie, but the texture is that of a chip. So maybe it could be compared to a crunchy cookie? It’s hard to explain, but I kind of liked it.

Want to try them for yourself? I have a couple of bags to give out! Comment below and I’ll pick a winner on Monday.
Tell me what your vice is: salty or sweet!

Classic Foods provided me with these chips for the purpose of reviewing it on All opinions are my own.


Sugar, Chocolate and Coffee Beans July 9, 2011

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Trader Joes recently introduced a new product. It’s a Sugar, Chocolate & Coffee Bean Grinder. I’ll take a gamble on just about anything Trader Joes puts on the shelves, so we decided it was definitely worth a taste.

They say you can put it on anything: cake, coffee, ice cream. **Record Scratch**  ICE CREAM?! Well then I bet it would be GREAT on banana soft serve ice cream!

I whirled up some plain banana soft serve and sprinkled my little heart away.

It added just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. Such a great idea! Such a great idea. I think the grinder only cost $1.99 which is pretty awesome for something so great that will probably last a long time.

I wonder what else I could put this stuff on?


Cookie Dough Banana Soft Serve April 21, 2011

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I have a sweet tooth. A bad one. Maybe it’s just habitual, but everyday after lunch and after dinner, I’m jonsing for some chocolate. Cookies and anything with frosting will get me everytime. Le sigh.

Tonight, I whipped up another batch of the most delicious banana soft serve. Started it off with 1.5 frozen bananas.

And gave them a twirl in my smaller food processor (which actually works better than the Cuisinart for something like this.

I also added in some chocolate peanut butter to sweeten it up.

Bada-Bing! Topped off with a few easter/baby shower M&Ms.

Doesn’t it look like cookie dough ice cream?

Irving had a Trader Joes Ice Cream Sandwich (which are also good, but twice the calories!)
But don’t think for a second that I didn’t have one of these earlier in the week. Summer is here!

His and Hers!

Hit the spot.

We’re off to watch Weeds! I love that show. It just keeps getting funnier. Kevin Nealon makes the show.


Delicious Dinner + Dessert March 16, 2011

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Tonight, my friend Janet came over for dinner. I originally promised her a crockpot recipe, but I couldn’t get my act together in time to set it this morning. So instead, I scoured the blog world for an easy healthy recipe for us to enjoy. Luckily that’s not too hard to do. I decided on Stuffed Peppers with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce from How Sweet It Is (her blog is amazing, by the way!) I went to the grocery store and got all the ingredients…. except for the peppers!! How can you make stuffed peppers without the peppers? So I had to make a second trip. Lame!


I never noticed how beautiful the texture of an onion can be. I’m starting to love this photography thing! Though I’m still having an issue with low light… any suggestions? When the light is low, the picture is blurry!



I followed the recipe exactly (except I didn’t have Parmesan cheese. They came out AMAZING.



Janet made some twice baked potatoes to go with it. They were incredible. We ate them with ketchup (of course! I’ll eat anything with ketchup). She says the secret is adding lots of cheese. You can’t go wrong with cheese.

For dessert, I whipped up my favorite Banana Soft Serve. This time, we blended in some chocolate peanut butter and Nutella and topped with fresh strawberries. It tasted like a Reeces Peanut Butter cup (only better…. and way healthier!)

We spent the rest of the night scrapbooking. I promise to post my scrapbook pages when the book is complete!!! Night!


From the Sky to the Sea! November 8, 2010

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Originally from 10/26/2010…

Today, we took the metro to the Dubai Mall. This is the largest mall in the world. It is huge and inside, they have an amusement park, aquarium, ice skating rink, stores, restaurants and more!

Here’s the ice skating rink, right next to the food court, no big deal. haha My favorite part is the Zamboni cleaning the ice. Smile

Also attached to the Dubai Mall is the Burj Kahlifa. This is the tallest building in the world. The tallest man made structure ever built.

On the 124th floor, they have an outdoor observation deck so you can observe Dubai from above. You need a reservation, and we made us for early morning. The elevator that takes you to the top goes up three floors per second! Only 1 minute to get to the top!

There are SO many huge buildings in Dubai that you kind of lose perspective on how high up we really were.


It looks sandy and smoky because of all the desert sands in the air. It was quite hazy from the top.


Then we had lunch in the food court. I found some awesome arabic food. I love how available this good food is here! Don’t let anyone tell you Dubai is expensive. We found everything to be pretty reasonable.

After we came back down, we went to check out the aquarium in the middle of the mall.

We were joking that Dubai always has to have the biggest, the oldest, the first, etc in everything they do. The aquarium is no different. This is the world’s largest single piece of acrylic used for the tank wall.

There are so many different fish inside, including SHARKS!

Even though you can see the tank from inside the mall, we bought a ticket to get a closer look at the other tanks inside.

We found Nemo!

And like little kids, we had to climb on all the fun rope bridges!


They even had penguins! And it actually snows inside their tank!

In the middle of the tank, there is a cage where you can pay to snorkel…inside the aquarium…inside the mall! (think about that… snorkeling in an aquarium? You can’t do that in the states. lol)

So…when in Rome… Irving opted to try it!

He’s braver than me. I’m very afraid of swimming with fish, so I waited outside the tank… in front of Chili’s Restaurant. hahaha. this place is so weird!

It was hilarious watching Irving swim around in a giant fish tank.


There were all kinds of tourists around me saying “is there someone swimming in the fish tank?” And I was laughing saying “that’s my husband!”

We brought the underwater housing for my camera and he took it in the tank with him.



A very cool experience indeed.


After our morning in the mall, we headed out on a desert safari! There are so many companies that do the same type of tour, but we chose to go with Big Bus Tours, since we had a good experience with them earlier in the week. Our driver was an Iraqi who grew up in Basra, Iraq. He was very nice, and we had a great time.


First, they take you an hour out into the dessert by SUV, where there are great sand dunes. We were really close to Oman!


And Irving fell asleep on the drive. (Remember I promised you I got a good picture of Irving sleeping?) haha BUSTED!

Then the driver deflated the tires a little in the truck…

And the Dune Bashing began!

Inside, I was hanging onto dear life, but it was SO fun!


You drive full speed up the dunes and then come crashing down on the other side.

Every once in a while, they stopped so we could take pictures of the Arabian sands.

IMG_0558 - Copy


The sun was setting, so our pictures came out really good. The perfect amount of sun.

IMG_0533 IMG_0534

The sand was so red and so soft. Exactly what you’d imagine!

One one dune, we looked over, and there was a caravan of camels walking through!



At one of the stops, our driver gave us some water. Look how they package it! It’s like a jello cup!


As the sun was setting, Irving snapped one of favorite pictures of the whole trip. We call it “Kelley Jumping off a Dune at Sunset”. Winking smile

This was the perfect Arabian Night!

After the sun went down, we pulled into a fort in the dessert.
IMG_0626 (2)


They had all kinds of fun things to do (all included in the tour). Irving rode a camel for the first time!
IMG_0618 (2)

IMG_0621 (2)

And I got a henna tattoo!
IMG_0630 (2)

IMG_0640 (2)

Then they had some traditional Arab clothes you could dress up in.
IMG_0627 (2)

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Ali Babwa…

IMG_0653 (2)

They also had a real falcon you could hold!
IMG_0644 (2)

Before our dinner was served, we relaxed with the Sheesha Pipes. Just a little bit of the apple flavor.
IMG_0645 (2)

Dinner was served buffet style, and we sat on cushions on rugs on the sand. The food was really good, and the bread was being baked right in front of us!

The night culminated with a great Belly Dancing show!

On our way back to Dubai, the drivers were having a little playful fun passing each other and playing with their headlights. We even went over some dunes in the pitch dark without our lights on… that was scary. haha There really aren’t any driving rules it seemed. They pull off into the Dunes wherever they want and then come back onto the highway. It was a fantastic experience, and definitely a highlight of our trip.


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