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A Test Run April 22, 2011

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I’m so excited that She Runs LA is less than a week away! I plan on getting up early and cranking out a 10K next Thursday and I’m excited!

And guess what came in the mail today! My She Runs LA Tanktop! And it’s PINK!

It’s a racer back top which is awesome. I don’t have a running tank top so I’m excited to get a lot of use out of this one. I think it would be good for yoga too. Tonight I took my new shirt and went for a 3.1 mile walk. I talked to my mom for most of it, and jogged/walked the rest. My shins are still super sore from Ragnar (probably because I was undertrained for it) and I don’t want to make them mad before the race next week!

But instead of ‘mall walking’, I did ‘speed walking’. In fact some random guy approached me to tell me I must be going really fast since he had just seen me on a street a half mile back. ha!

So excited for the Mike Posner concert at the Post Race party too. “You think you’re cooler than me….”

Mike Posner–Cooler than Me


PS…. remember all that Easter Candy?

It now looks like this…

Who ate all my M&Ms? Surely it wasn’t me….


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  1. Tessa Nielsen Says:

    Oh Iove iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!

  2. So excited for my new tank! Taking it out for a test run tomorrow!

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