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The Hike to the Other Side June 7, 2011

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Our last day up in Big Bear was relaxing and full of nature. We were looking for a few days to disconnect, unwind and relax, and we definitely found that this weekend.

Our morning started with a bowl of fresh fruit. Some grapefruit, orange and cherries that were dusted with sugar and accented by fresh mint. (While I was blogging on the porch, I saw the chef come out and snip the fresh mint from their garden! Couldn’t be fresher!)

bigbear (1)

We also had some baked french toast and maple bacon too. Served with fresh coffee and OJ. I already miss those fresh country breakfasts!

Our only plan for the day was to walk to the other side of Big Bear Lake. They have a great walking trail, and we just wanted to enjoy the views and stretch our legs before our drive back to LA. It’s funny to see ski mountains without any snow! I love looking at all the runs.

bigbear (7)

I wish we had more nature trails near us in LA. It was so nice and quiet to have a dedicated path for walking and biking.

bigbear (13) bigbear (16)

And I had great company for our 7 mile walk. We never run out of things to talk about. He really is my soul mate.

bigbear (15)

bigbear (20)

bigbear (25)

bigbear (22)

bigbear (26)

I love wooden bridges! Something about them makes me feel like a little kid.bigbear (27)

bigbear (29)

PS, my jacket has zip off sleeves!

bigbear (28)

bigbear (36)

bigbear (34)

bigbear (44)

We had such a great time up in Big Bear. Hope to get back again soon! We are SO lucky to have these getaways so close to our home! It didn’t feel like California at all!

bigbear (12)

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8 Responses to “The Hike to the Other Side”

  1. This post made my heart happy. “He really is my soulmate.” Amazing.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Loved the contiki post. Perfect timing for me and Andy!

    I love Big Bear and need to go in the summer sometime. It’s been a long time for me. P.S. soulmates…how cute! I awwwed!

  3. Janie and Jake Says:

    Well, you know that California feels like so many different places! There aren’t many states that you can go to and think it feels like another state (of mind?) I’m loving New England right now. . .

  4. Lizzy Says:

    Hike looks awesome! I wish we had places like that so close to where I live. I would love to visit Big Bear one day and your pics make me want to go sooner

  5. 1) that fruit looks SO DELICIOUS. I want to lick my computer screen.

    2) the hike looks beautiful!

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