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This one time in Florida… March 19, 2013

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This one time in Florida, we left Aunty Laurie and Great Grammie with Adele, and Papa, my parents and I   headed out to take an airboat ride in the Everglades.

Because of the good reviews, we chose Corey Billie’s Airboat Rides and it did not disappoint. It was prompt, organized and fun.

I had never done anything like this before and had no idea what to expect in the Everglades.

Spoiler Alert, we didnt see any gators on the ride, but we did see one camping out on the banks near the boat launch area. I doubt the meat being tossed over the fence had anything to do with that. heh heh.
DSCN0630Look how big that girl is! 

Time for some ‘gator huntin’!*

I have to admit, the Everglades were beautiful. The boat sped through the water quickly at times. I actually giggled out loud because it was so fun.
And it also slowed down to let us take in the wildlife.


Our drive was filled with information about the birds, plants and history of the Everglades, but he also had a fun sense of humor and kept us entertained with his jokes.


It was a blast. Glad I got to check this off my “I-Didn’t-Know-I-Wanted-To-Do-This-But-Glad-I-Did” bucket list.

Mom, apprently  you missed the Blue-Stripes memo.

And as with all things ‘tourist’, for the right price, you could hold a real baby gator! Meet Gertie!

I gave Gertie a nice pat, but had no interest in getting that up close and personal with her. No offense, Gertie.

What a great morning in the Florida Everglades. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

And because no post is complete without a mug shot of Adele, here’s one from the week!

*Note: No gators were actually hunted (or even seen for that matter) on this adventure.


The Hike to the Other Side June 7, 2011

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Our last day up in Big Bear was relaxing and full of nature. We were looking for a few days to disconnect, unwind and relax, and we definitely found that this weekend.

Our morning started with a bowl of fresh fruit. Some grapefruit, orange and cherries that were dusted with sugar and accented by fresh mint. (While I was blogging on the porch, I saw the chef come out and snip the fresh mint from their garden! Couldn’t be fresher!)

bigbear (1)

We also had some baked french toast and maple bacon too. Served with fresh coffee and OJ. I already miss those fresh country breakfasts!

Our only plan for the day was to walk to the other side of Big Bear Lake. They have a great walking trail, and we just wanted to enjoy the views and stretch our legs before our drive back to LA. It’s funny to see ski mountains without any snow! I love looking at all the runs.

bigbear (7)

I wish we had more nature trails near us in LA. It was so nice and quiet to have a dedicated path for walking and biking.

bigbear (13) bigbear (16)

And I had great company for our 7 mile walk. We never run out of things to talk about. He really is my soul mate.

bigbear (15)

bigbear (20)

bigbear (25)

bigbear (22)

bigbear (26)

I love wooden bridges! Something about them makes me feel like a little kid.bigbear (27)

bigbear (29)

PS, my jacket has zip off sleeves!

bigbear (28)

bigbear (36)

bigbear (34)

bigbear (44)

We had such a great time up in Big Bear. Hope to get back again soon! We are SO lucky to have these getaways so close to our home! It didn’t feel like California at all!

bigbear (12)

Check out my next guest post on Contiki’s blog! What to pack on your next international trip!


Look, ma! No hands! June 5, 2011

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After I was done blogging yesterday, it was time for breakfast! IMG_5825

That’s the beauty of staying in a Bed & Breakfast! It includes breakfast!

Everything was freshly made here and it was delicious!

IMG_5828 IMG_5829


Once we were sufficiently fueled for the day, we headed out on our ziplining excursion!! It was my gift to Irving for Valentine’s Day this year! (Via LivingSocial of course!) We chose Action Zipline, which is right at the base of the ski mountains. They first take you in a large van, and then you switch to army-style off road vehicles. They don’t allow cameras on the tour at all for safety reasons, and I was really bummed I couldn’t get pictures of this part. But we weren’t there for the truck, we were there to ZIPLINE!!!

After a brief safety demonstration, we were already on the platform ready for our first jump! One by one, we zipped across. I had a hard time knowing how to brake, and came slamming into the landing blocks the first few times. But then I got the hang of it.

They were snapping pictures of everyone (but at $5 a pop, we only walked away with two of them). We almost didn’t get any, but these were too good! Plus, a blog needs pictures right?

Whoo hooo! Here comes Irving!!!


Look, ma! No Hands!!

The whole trip took about three hours from start to finish, and it was a blast! It’s an adrenaline rush for sure! We’d do it again in a heartbeat!

After our tour, we grabbed lunch and….dessert! I was dying for some REAL ice cream. I love frozen yogurt, but sometimes, only real ice cream will fit the bill. This was Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough! YUM!

Irving got a frozen chocolate covered twinkie….yea. he did. Oh, and he wanted me to mention that it was also rolled in Oreos too.

We wanted to get a few more miles in for the day, so we walked to the other side of town to the Bear Mountain Brewery. Irving tried the flight (4oz. each of their signature brews).

I tried a sip of each, but enjoyed my Arnold Palmer!

We sat for about an hour and chatted and enjoyed the scenery. We were across the street from the Alpine Slides. I’d love to try those one day!

Then Irving declared that the “beers were half way done”. Which meant it was time for nachos.

We split them, but they were mediocre at best. I think we make better nachos at home…


Once full, we walked back to our room (we walked 11,000 steps yesterday, (which is a little over 5 miles.)

We watched Strictly Ballroom, and were in bed by 8:30. YES!!!! Feels good to get some solid sleep in. There is nothing like waking up at 6:30am refreshed and energized. And I get to sit on the porch again and breath in that fresh mountain air.

Today, we have a 7 mile nature walk planned, and then we’re heading back to LA. See ya later!

PS. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, mom! NTOTHAK!


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