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Like Mother, Like Daughter February 23, 2012

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In addition to my baby book and photo albums, my mom also saved her little pregnancy journal from when she was pregnant with me. I never knew she had it until I started asking her all kinds of questions about her experience (um, she had three kids without drugs… she’s crazy).

Lots of fun stuff in there. She documented her fears about miscarriage, her questions for the doctor and the first time the baby (me!) kicked. It was also interesting to learn that I was expected to arrive a month after I actually did.

She also referred to me as “The Little Guy” which I think is hilarious. Apparently they thought I was a boy.

Oh, and then there is this little detail.. she only gained 23 pounds during the entire pregnancy… whaaa???? I’ve already gained about 14 and I still have four months to go. Yikes!

I don’t think she kept a journal like this when she was pregnant with my two sisters. Since I’m the oldest, I must have been keeping her too busy to do so. (Sorry Mikaela and Laurie!) But I’m sure someday they will find this book useful as well. It’s been fun to “share” this journey with my mom in a way through her own writing.

In the back of the book is a fun “guide to pregnancy”. It’s funny how many things have changed over the years.

I’ve been keeping a journal as well. I write in it a few times a month and write letters to the baby and share my thoughts and experiences. Maybe he or she will be interested to read it someday. It helps me feel more connected to the baby as well. Getting excited to meet him or her!!


3 Responses to “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

  1. booradlee Says:

    Love it! I wonder if my mom has something like this. She had 5 kids with no meds. Our moms are champions! I’d love any kind of motivation or hints. You know, one day!

  2. Roxanne Says:

    I love the cover to the book! I wish it was really like that…just beautiful women sitting around with their beautiful babies. Congratulations and such a nice treat to have for you during your pregnancy.

  3. Mama Gaga Says:

    SO cool that your mom did this!! You are definitely your mother’s daughter. 🙂

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