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Happy Mother’s Day! May 13, 2012

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Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning for me this year. Even though our baby isn’t here yet, I already feel such a strong connection to him/her and I want to be the best mom I can be to my little one.

As I try to figure out this whole ‘mom thing’ myself, it makes me so thankful to have my own mother to lean on. It’s hard being so far away from my family, but it’s clear how strong that bond is, because nothing (not even long distance) can break it. Funny how much you still need your own mom even at 28 years old.

I sent her this card in the mail this week:

I thought it was so perfect. It must be so surreal to watch your own son/daughter become a parent themselves. This year, I have a whole new level of gratitude for my mom and I hope to be half as great a mom as she is. Love you, mom!!
Last Baby Shower (193)

And a very happy Mother’s Day to Irving’s mom too! So thankful for you and all your love as well.
Last Baby Shower (31)

And a very special Mother’s Day to each of our grandmothers, who will become great-grandmothers for the first time in a few weeks! So proud to have such strong women in our families. Love you very much!

(So much energy and spunk. I love it!)
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And to all my wonderful friends who are now mamas themselves too…. Happy Mother’s Day!! You inspire me every day!!!


Like Mother, Like Daughter February 23, 2012

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In addition to my baby book and photo albums, my mom also saved her little pregnancy journal from when she was pregnant with me. I never knew she had it until I started asking her all kinds of questions about her experience (um, she had three kids without drugs… she’s crazy).

Lots of fun stuff in there. She documented her fears about miscarriage, her questions for the doctor and the first time the baby (me!) kicked. It was also interesting to learn that I was expected to arrive a month after I actually did.

She also referred to me as “The Little Guy” which I think is hilarious. Apparently they thought I was a boy.

Oh, and then there is this little detail.. she only gained 23 pounds during the entire pregnancy… whaaa???? I’ve already gained about 14 and I still have four months to go. Yikes!

I don’t think she kept a journal like this when she was pregnant with my two sisters. Since I’m the oldest, I must have been keeping her too busy to do so. (Sorry Mikaela and Laurie!) But I’m sure someday they will find this book useful as well. It’s been fun to “share” this journey with my mom in a way through her own writing.

In the back of the book is a fun “guide to pregnancy”. It’s funny how many things have changed over the years.

I’ve been keeping a journal as well. I write in it a few times a month and write letters to the baby and share my thoughts and experiences. Maybe he or she will be interested to read it someday. It helps me feel more connected to the baby as well. Getting excited to meet him or her!!


NTOTHAK May 8, 2011

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Growing up, my mother signed all of our lunchbox notes and birthday cards like this:

Seven simple letters that meant (and still means) so much to me and my sisters.

It stands for:
Never To Old To Hug And Kiss

In context, it would look like this:


I’m not 100% sure what it means, but something to the effect of no matter how old you get, you’re never too old for a hug and a kiss from your parents.

I tried to google it, and just as I thought, it looks like my mom made that phrase up. She does that a lot. My sisters and I crack up at night sometimes thinking of all the funny things she used to tell us. We believed everything she said when we were little. Her creativity and sense of humor is one of the things I love most about my mom.

I’d like to think that a lot of my quirkiness comes from her. She always finds the bright side of everything. People say that we look alike too. Picasa Photos actually thinks we’re the same person when it does photo recognition. This makes me happy every time it happens.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

And Happy Mother’s Day to my second mom, Julie! And our grandmothers. We love and miss you all!


Happy Mother’s Day May 8, 2010

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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!

I dedicate this post to her!

My Mom, Cathy:

On my wedding day:

In Los Angeles:

In Hollywood:

In Santa Barbara:

In Tijuana:

In Cape Cod:

At WHDH-Boston:
In Boston:

In Boston:

In Manchester, NH (Cake tasting for the wedding!)
My mom on her wedding day in 1982 (it’s almost their anniversary!)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
(She’s gonna kill me for posting this. HAHA This was taken in Europe when she traveled abroad in 1981 I think!)

Angel #1 (me)!


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