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Adele Meets her Aunties! August 13, 2012

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This week, Adele got to finally meet her Aunties, Sarah and EJ! Of course, it was love at first hug.

It was so nice having them visit. And Adele loved that there were twice as many arms to rock her to sleep. haha


We knew they wanted to have maximum snuggle time at home with her, so we didn’t do too much. But on Wednesday, we ventured downtown to explore for a little bit. Adele has a new habit of screaming in the car lately. I think she just doesn’t like sitting by herself (who would, right?) But the white noise app on my cell phone seems to do the trick everytime. It’s starting already… my daughter is already hogging my phone!

Of course, she fell asleep soon after, so we snapped her into the stroller and walked around downtown LA.

First stop: The NBC Olympic Village. (I miss the Olympics already!)


Adele gets the Bronze because she’s so little. haha

Our wanderings led us to the LA Public Library. (Side note: I think it’s one of the best kept secrets in LA. It’s awesome! So many cool things to see inside. They even have a flyer in the lobby you can pick up so you can do a self-guided tour. Worth a visit if you live local!)

We just happened to arrive during the Baby Story Hour!! Adele loved it! I can’t wait to take her to things like this in the future. I hope she loves books someday!

After that, we headed back outside to have lunch at Bottega Louie! EJ and Sarah remembered it from my blog a while back and requested to eat there as well! We were happy to oblige!

It was another great meal. Worth the wait and the price. Such a unique restaurant.

[insert a lazy afternoon at home]

And for dinner, we walked over to a local burger joint. EJ would like to point out her fine babysitting skills. Baby in one hand… beer in another. #winning

Just kidding. She was actually the token baby whisperer this weekend. She rocked, danced and fed Adele with all the love that only an Aunty can give. So sweet.

If you can get her to go to sleep that quick…. come visit any time! =)

And just for fun… cute shot of the day:


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