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Guest Post: Aunty Loves Adele January 15, 2013

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The following is a guest post written by Adele’s Aunties who came to visit us in LA last week. We had so much fun and Adele got totally spoiled with all the hugs and attention. Here’s a recap of their trip!


As Irving’s big sister, I’m also probably his biggest critic. I’ve been complaining about him since the day he entered my life, and I was no longer an only child. But last June, Irving (along with Kelley) did something that made me more proud than any sister could ever be: they brought Adele into our lives.

Now the brother that I couldn’t get rid of as a child has grown up into a husband and father that I wish I got to see more often.
Living more than 2,000 miles away from my little brother and his beautiful family is tough, and I miss them like crazy. Luckily, though, we get to visit a few times a year, and we always make the most of our time together. We met Adele just after she turned two months old, and we got to spend five wonderful days getting to know the little person she’s becoming now that she’s just over seven months old.
Here’s brief recap of the fun things we got to do with Irving, Kelley, and Adele while we were in LA.
Our first priority after a good night’s rest was to get some healthy, nutritious California breakfast. We found these at Crumbs at the Americana. (I didn’t manage to get a picture of the Squiggle cupcake we ordered until after it was mostly gone.)
Adele January 2013 014
Later that day, we headed out to get some healthy, nutritious California dinner.
Adele January 2013 016
Parents of the year!
Adele January 2013 023
The next day, Irving, Sarah, Adele, and I headed to the Griffith Park Observatory. It was a beautiful day, and we got some great views of the area from up there.
We also got to see some pretty cool exhibits.
The pendulum:
 Adele January 2013 040
The sun:
 Adele January 2013 044
How much Irving + Adele weigh on the moon!
 Adele January 2013 041
Adele took in her first planetarium show:
Adele January 2013 039
We’d worked up an appetite by then, so we took Adele for her first experience with Korean food. She only tried the rice, and she wasn’t a huge fan, but she liked the atmosphere.
Adele January 2013 045
The next day, our mom came down to visit with all of us. We all got some great belated Christmas presents, but Adele’s were the most fun.
It really is amazing to watch her learn new things right in front of you. Here’s her first attempt with her brand new sippy cup!
 Adele January 2013 068
On our last morning, we went out for breakfast and one of us tried peaches for the first time:
 Adele January 2013 130
Adele January 2013 131
I swear she liked them, despite how it looks!
My favorite thing from the whole trip, though, was this:
 Adele January 2013 026
I don’t think there’s anything cuter than a baby holding her own bottle.
Thanks again for showing us such a great time, Irving, Kelley, and Adele. We love you and can’t wait to see you again in May!
Thank you EJ & Sarah!!! Adele is so lucky to have family all over the country who love her so very much. Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! 

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