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Queen of the Playground January 28, 2013

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Sunday was not only my last day of breastfeeding, it also marked a more fun event! Adele’s first time on a swing! Actually, that’s not entirely true. When Adele was 12 weeks old, Irving took her on a tire swing when I wasn’t looking. (Which reminds me, I never posted that video!)

But this was the first time she went on a swing solo and she was pretty excited about it.


She was smiling on the inside, don’t worry.

She sat in here like this for a half an hour! She was entranced by the movement, the wind and the kids running by I think.

I love this one. Doesn’t it just sum up childhood?IMG_9502
First time going down the slide too! Big day for Adele!



Here’s a video of the big event!


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  1. Lizzy Says:

    First time on a swing is so exciting!!! L loves going on the swings and screams when he sees us pulling into the playground in the stroller! He laughs and laughs while I push him. I love it probably just as much as him 🙂

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