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Adele: 15 Months September 17, 2013

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I looooooove this age. Something happened about a week before Adele turned 15 months and her personality and her mental and physical capabilities exploded! She’s a walking/talking/thinking machine now and I just can’t seem to get enough of her lately. Everything is changing so quickly with her now that it’s hard to really keep track of.  But here’s the 15 month roundup!

Weight: 19 pounds, 15 ounces (still haven’t hit the 20lb mark yet!) – 25th percentile
Height: 28.5″ (grew an inch since June) – 25th percentile
Shoe Size: Three
Clothing Size: 18 Months
Teeth: Sort of lost track (oops). And she won’t let me really look inside her mouth, but she’s got three molars, the middle four on the top and bottom, and a few randoms in between.

The newest and most obvious change this month is that she’s (finally) walking! She seems to be the type of person who really wants to be sure she master something before she attempts it. She waited til she was nice and ready. About 2 weeks ago, she started walking across rooms and last week we saw a shift and now she definitely prefers walking over crawling. She is now putting the “toddle” in “toddler”. it’s so cute!

And it’s true what they say… once they start walking… you’re in trouble…I have about an inch before I have to start seriously worrying she’ll walk right out the front door!


Her hair is finally starting to grow too! It’s so cute and soft. She won’t let me but bows or headbands in it, but I like it just the way it is. There’s a hint of a curl there too!

She’s masted the “sign” for more now. It’s been SO helpful to be able to understand what she wants. She uses it correctly and it makes me smile every time.

But even better than that, she’s TALKING now! Real words! All day long. Her current list of words includes: woof woof, quack quack, muah (kiss), more, water, up, down, doggy, ball, banana, uh-oh, milk, mama and dada. She can use all of those in context and point them out in pictures.

Her comprehension is through the roof all of a sudden too. We can ask her to bring a specific item to us and she’ll come back with the correct one. She can follow simple cues like ‘sit down, stand up, come here, go get the ball, where’s your milk?’ and more. We sort of giggle when she follows directions because it’s crazy she understands so much.

Because she spent 2 weeks in the East Coast time zone this month, her sleep has been a little out of whack since she got back. She’s been going to bed between 7:30p-8p and waking up at 4am!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! I haven’t done that so consistently in over a year and I’m not liking it! It could either be the time difference, the developmental leaps this month, or the fact that her normal routine was disrupted. Probably all of the above. But this early wake up call has led to some pretty epic 4 hour naps this week. I’m hopeful she’ll go back to sleeping past sunrise soon (right?!)

And shhe’s now suchhhh a light sleeper. Lately she’ll hear a pin drop and wake up. I’ve resorted to being ‘that mom’ with the “shhhhh baby’s sleeping” police officer mentality.  Don’t really want to re-introduce white noise (we stopped that at 5 months) but any other suggestions?

She’s still drinking around 15oz of organic whole milk a day. I don’t stress too much about it because she eats a lot of cheese and yogurt each day as well.

She also drinks a ton of water throughout the day now too. We use this cup for milk and this cup for water. <—- does anyone have have any thoughts on cups? Is that milk cup still ok at this age? or should I be using straws exclusively now? I feel a little lost here. It’s working for us now, but just want to make sure i’m doing the ‘right’ thing. 

She’s back to eating like a champ again (after a month of being picky and not having much of an appetite). We’re experimenting with offering less snacks throughout the day, and we notice she throws less food on the floor when we do that. Makes sense I guess.

Favorite foods include: string cheese, eggs, raisins, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, corn on the cob, pasta, peas, cooked carrots, broccoli, pickles (YES!), blueberries, waffles and bread.

Her least favorite foods are basically anything with fibers or is difficult to chew: chicken, cucumbers, melon, and grapes with skin, anything with a ‘skin’ really. She’s not a big meat eater which is funny because even though I don’t each much meat, I always offer it to her anyways… guess it really does make you wonder ‘nature vs nurture’.

15 months has been the best one yet. Wish I could freeze time and savor this stage forever.


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2 Responses to “Adele: 15 Months”

  1. Liz R. Says:

    As for your sippy cup question, I wouldn’t worry about it at this point. It’s not like she is 10 and still drinking from it. She’ll get used to a straw or regular cup in due time. 🙂

  2. olsontwins Says:

    Aww the little curl of hair is so cute!!! Her lack of hair keeps her looking so little (I might think that bc mine have so much hair though). I think Adele just has good taste in rejecting all the flowers and headbands that people put on little girls. She doesn’t need a flower the size of her head 🙂

    And the pic of her signing is adorable.

    Have you started staring at her and going “She’s just not a baby at all anymore!!”? We say that about the boys all the time now, they understand everything, they are so confident in their walking, running, climbing (ugh). It’s crazy how they were just these teeny little babies and now they’re kids.

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