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Christmas Tree Art December 25, 2012

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I was trying to take a picture of our Christmas Tree the other night and playing around with our camera. This is the picture I was aiming for:

But before I got that, I tried to adjust the aperture and accidentally made the exposure too long and ended up with this:

It looked so fun that I started doing more like this! I call it: Christmas Tree Art.



Now i know how all those people get those cool Sparkler Wedding photos. I’ll have to remember this!



An Early Christmas Morning December 23, 2012

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Because we’re heading to the East Coast for the holidays, we celebrated Christmas Morning at our house early this year! We were SO excited to introduce Adele to presents, wrapping paper and stockings! Irving woke up at 5:30am and woke me up to ask me if it was time to open presents. “Not until Adele wakes up,” I said… and then added “And no, you can’t wake her up”.

Once she did wake up, we bounded to the living room to start on the big event! Santa came! And Adele was pretty excited about it. She was a natural at opening her gifts. She knew exactly how to rip the paper off and she seemed genuinely excited about her gifts. It was so cute to watch!

One of her favorites was a little horsey from our friend, Christina!! Adele loves it! Maybe because it’s just her size. She was in love. And apparently she shows her love by trying to rip the hair out. Be nice to the horsey, Adele!

Here’s a video of a very excited Adele meeting Mr. Horsey!

We stretched it out for almost an hour taking turns opening our gifts!


Irving and I didn’t tell each other what we got Adele, so that was fun to still have the element of surprise. I think we’ll do it like that in the future too, it was so much fun. We were just as excited to open Adele’s gifts as she was.

We did our usual Christmas Card game for Christmas this year. We have a bag of cards, each one has an adjective on it (ie: Something Red, something round, something made in America, etc). The rules this year were:

  • Pick 6 cards
  • Use at least four of them
  • Cards can (and should) be for both the other spouse and Adele

Among some other gift, here’s a rundown of the gifts we got each other with the cards in mind!

-NO, IT’S NOT! – A travel tie holder (and instead of a tie inside, I put four Reeces bars).
-NEVER SEEN BEFORE – Membership to the Southern California Golf Association (And he knew ahead of time he was getting this because I needed his membership # to renew it).

-PERSONALIZED – A giftcard to Sweet to make two customized candy bars (YESSS!!!)
-ORNAMENT – A Necklace (ha!)

-NOT ENOUGH – Bubbles from Gymboree (and a Refil bottle to go with it!)
-PET – A replacement Puppy Lovey (in case one ever gets lost or dirty — she sleeps with it every night).
-SOMETHING GREEN – My First Golfbag (She LOVES this!)

Adele also got some disposable placemats and bibs, some other practical things and some other toys. So fun!

People kept saying that the only thing she’d be interested in is the wrapping paper, so as a joke, I wrapped up a bunch of tissue paper. haha
Christmas Morning

It was such a fun morning. Merry Christmas, darling!



The Lights Shine Bright December 13, 2012

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What a luxury to take a bath with view of the Christmas Tree!IMG_8317
PS. Guess who wants to sit in the tub now! No more lounging back for this girl!

Her little spiky hair is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
She loves the lights on the tree!

Two weeks til Christmas!!


Adele Meets Mr. Claus December 8, 2012

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We’ve had quite a week here in our house. We just never got a handle on our time and we found ourselves laughing at our terrible bad luck. Just a few of the things that went wrong: Our Christmas Tree is missing about 3 feet of branches at the bottom, two out of our three strands of lights won’t light up, our power went out one day, I had to brew Irving’s coffee into a measuring cup one morning because I forgot to put a cup under it! The list goes on and on.

It was raining when we picked out the tree, so we just grabbed the first one we saw, threw it in the car and went home.

Our tree still may not have ornaments on it yet (one week later, oops), but we’re sure making the best of it and enjoying the lights for now. We just ignore the bottom half of it. HAHAIn Adele’s eyes, it’s the most beautiful tree she’s ever seen. She “ooohhs” and “aahhs” at it when she sees it. She flatters us.


By Friday, I was a little stressed out (and really missing my girl) so I was determined to redeem the week. I picked Adele up from daycare in record speed (safely of course) and high-tailed it to the mall where I found out there was a Tree-Lighting ceremony complete with (free!) Santa photos! I recruited a couple of other mama friends and we met up for the big event.

We waited in line for over an hour (but the free hot chocolate sweetened the deal). When Santa finally came out, the kids cheered (and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I did too!) and we were first in line to meet him! I’m not sure what I expected, but I love this picture. My sweet girl is curious as always admiring Mr. Claus. I hope she asked for something good for Christmas!
santaNot a bad way to end the week!

PS: Apparently the excitement of Santa was enough to break the sleep streak! For the first time since July, she woke up in the middle of the night (3:30a) for a snack. Small price to pay for such a fun memory though.

Three cheers for the weekend!


New Kicks!! May 15, 2012

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For Christmas, I got the best giftcard EVER and I’ve been dying to redeem it! It was for Converse to customize my own pair of shoes!!!! I’ve NEVER owned a pair of Converse shoes. Ever. (I know, right?!) I was seriously SO excited about this. It was a big decision and it took me 5 months to decide what I wanted!

I had one pair designed that had one color on one side and another color on the other… but I didn’t want to get too crazy, so in the end, I ended up with a sweet pair of magenta and grey kicks:

I designed everything from the laces, to the grommets, to the stitching color. I LOVE them!

My favorite part? I branded them with KELOCITY on the back. HAHA Awesome. Now no one can steal my shoes. #Winning

Mama is proud. =)


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