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Last Christmas as a “Two” January 1, 2012

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Because we were out of town on Christmas, we decided to save our gifts to each other til New Year’s. We both got up at 5am super excited like little kids to open presents. Even though it’s probably the last year for a long time we’ll be able to sleep in on Christmas, we still got up early nonetheless.

Coffee for him and Tea for her and we were ready to go!

Stockings first and then our gifts (tradition!)
IMG_1037 IMG_1038

For those of you who don’t already know, we play a game each year to help shop for gifts. We made a list of about 100 adjectives like “Something Red”, “Starts with an R”, “Made in Europe”, etc. We pick cards in the fall and have to find gifts that satisfy those words. Makes it fun!

We change out the rules each year. Here are this years:

  • Have to pick 5 cards
  • Have to use at least 3
  • Have to use at least 1 more that is the “Opposite Of


Here were the results from this year (Just a few of the gifts we ended up with):


  1. TISKET A TASKET – Tweezerman Tweezers (YAY!)
  2. FROM YOUR BIRTHYEAR – Retro Icepack (Since I’ll give Birth this year!!)
  3. SOMETHING GREEN – Tea Box (That Includes Green Tea!)
  4. IT’S A GAMBLE – Cell Phone Mount for my car (It was a gamble since I also got one from my parents too! Oh well, have to return one!)
  5. OUTDOOR USE ONLY (OPPOSITE OF) – Cast Iron Cookie Skillet to make my own Pazookis! (OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!!)


  1. INVESTMENT – Coffee Grinder (To grind your own beans! The gift that keeps on giving!)
  2. SOMETHING STORED IN THE BOX IT COMES IN – Coffee Bean Canister (to store all those beans!)
  3. HOMEMADE – Keurig KCups and SodaStream Mixes
  4. DUAL PURPOSE – Adidas Flip Flops (one for each foot = dual… right?! Ok, that was a stretch)
  5. TOGETHER (OPPOSITE OF) – A Golf Shirt and Jacket that is just for him

So there you go! Another successful and fun Christmas! We hope to carry that Gift Game tradition on to our kids someday too!

Happy New Year everyone!!

PS: Despite the odds, I actually stayed up til Midnight last night to ring in the New Year! I didn’t think I could. So proud. =)


8 Responses to “Last Christmas as a “Two””

  1. Janie and Jake Says:

    PS If I don’t like what I pick next year I’m calling for a re-draw! And I made a new rule: The cards from the prior year shall not be included in the following years drawing… – although the metal one could be nice again and I may sneak it back in!

  2. Janie and Jake Says:

    Our version:
    For me:
    Doesn’t cost a thing – chum for my glasses with Sports Authority gift card
    Not for me: (this could be an opposite to as I can and will use them: Adele live at Royal Albert Hall (love it!) and a portable XM player
    Metal: A diamind pendant on a white gold chain (metal for sure!)
    For Jake:
    Sporty, on a string, decoration, download and bought it on ebay
    What he got: nothing… I was so uninspired by my options and lack of time because of work(and the usual) that I never could think of anything! I am now the winner of the Grinch Award combined with the Procrastinators award… But he will get a new ski jacket as las years is miles too big now and his old one leaks feathers like mad (it’s very old!)
    Sounds like a wonderful new year and a very special year to come! See you soon!

  3. I want to see what kind of pizookies you make!

  4. Love the gift giving game …

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