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Let’s play a game…. August 23, 2012

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Let’s play a game called “What’s Bigger? Adele’s head or This Piece of Cake”?

The answer: The piece of Cake that Erica bought me for my birthday! And for the record, it comfortably served four people. (Me being two of them).


Picture courtesy of Erica at the Aroma Café!


My Jeans have Buttons! July 10, 2012

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Today, I am wearing jeans… with a button!! Hooray for no more maternity pants!! (Although I will miss those stretchy pants. They were oh, so comfortable!)


So I did what anyone would do to celebrate:

CAKE & SPRINKLES! I love Target.


The Primal Need for Mocha May 6, 2012

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Yesterday I spent the morning running errands (recycling, post office, Target, etc).  On the way home, I stopped in Starbucks and decided I absolutely must have an Iced Tea. So I ordered one and waited for my name to be called. While I was waiting, I saw a picture of their new Frappucino… Mocha Cookie Crumble.

Starbucks-Cookie Crumble


I looked at the sign… and looked away…. and then looked back again. I needed it. NOW. In the most primal sort of need possible. So I got back in line and tried to make eye contact with the barista.  “Excuse me, did you already make my Iced Tea? No? OMG Thank god. I need to change my order.”

So then the poor cashier guy had to try to figure out how to refund my iced tea so he could charge me more (almost double!) for the Frappucino. I don’t think many people ‘return’ drinks at Starbucks and he tried for about 10 minutes to figure it out. I apologized, tried to stick out my bump as much as possible and pray they would take pity on the pathetic pregnant woman who NEEDED this Cookie Crumble Frappucino.

After two employees fought with the computer to figure out how to charge me the difference, they finally caved and just gave it to me for the same price as the tea (SCORE!!!!) I savored every drop of that drink. (DUDE, even the whipped cream is chocolate! No joke!)


That was the first ‘coffee’ I’d had in almost 9 months! (I’ve been sticking to tea). But I feel a new obsession coming on. This could be dangerous.


Hamburgers, Hollywood and Heat April 21, 2012

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It was so nice to have my mom in town this week. We had a blast at my shower and it was so cool she was able to be there. The rest of the week was filled with a mix of relaxation, touristy things, and putting the baby’s room together.

Sunday night after the shower, we stayed in and cooked sliders on the grill. Delicious!

Monday, was ‘Marathon Monday’! Wish I could have been there to cheer on all the runners! I heard it was super hot! Can’t believe it’s now been TWO years since I ran it!

We decided to go enjoy downtown Los Angeles for the day. We went to the gorgeous Public Library and then to City Hall. You can go to the top of the building and see the amazing views of the city. I had never been!

Mom is afraid of heights, but I think she really liked it.

We saw the Disney Concert Hall, where we took some photos a few weeks back!

We were told to put our ‘visitor’ sticker in an ‘obvious place’. I chose my belly since you can’t miss it!



It was SO hot that all that walking downtown really did me in. I was completely pooped by the end. We spent the rest of the day home after that.

Tuesday, we had a VIP tour of Warner Brothers scheduled…. or so we thought. Apparently I had booked it for the wrong day. Oops, blame the baby brain! But thankfully they let us on anyways. I had been on the WB lot before, but I had never done the official tour.

This was the old exterior set of ER! It is supposed to look like the L-Train in Chicago.

This is the soundstage that ‘Friends’ was filmed in!

They still have the ‘Central Perk’ set assembled in another building.

The famous friends couch!!

I wear sunglasses inside because we were in Hollywood and I have to be cool. Bahaha.

I just realized how coordinated our shirts were! Totally on purpose.



We saw a bunch more sets and got to visit the prop house. If anyone needs a ‘Seal of the President’, take your pick!

I believe after the tour, we went home to take an afternoon nap, but before sunset, we headed out again to snap some photos of the Hollywood Sign.




Hi Daddy! Can you believe our baby will be born in Los Angeles? So surreal we live here!

I have some more pictures from this little photoshoot, but I’ll save them for my weekly update. =) Oh, the suspense!

After this, we made a simple ‘Make-Your-Own-Tacos’ meal and then headed over to see a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Show. PS. This was the first time my mom had ever had guacamole! What?!

The last day of my mom’s visit was all about baby. We had an OB appointment first. Baby is expected to be around 7lbs, 9oz! We’ll see if that’s accurate! Heartbeat is still strong and baby is still head down. YAY!

That night, we had our maternity tour at the hospital. It was awesome. I’ll fill you in on that in my weekly update post as well.


What a week! Had a blast! And now I need another nap. ha!


Tiny Traveler Baby Shower April 19, 2012

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This past weekend, my mom flew in on Saturday night. We had a great time catching up, showing her the baby’s room and feeling for baby kicks. Sunday, we didn’t really have plans so we went for a 4 mile walk with my awesome running group. I think my mom was inspired because she ran a little bit too! I ran for about 5 minutes and then was too out of breath to go any further (ha!) Then we sipped tea on our rooftop patio and chatted about babies, parenting and all that comes with it. When lunch time rolled around, Irving suggested we go out. I was unsure of our destination, but we ended up at my friend Janet’s house.
Last Baby Shower (15)

When I was walking up, I knew something was going on, but I was not prepared to see so many of my friends and family waiting to surprise me.
Last Baby Shower (16)

I had to take a minute to take it all in, it was a little emotional seeing everyone! Especially when I realized Irving’s mom had flown down to attend. And his Sister and wife (who I thought had already flown back to Indianapolis!) were there too!!
Last Baby Shower (19)

Everything, everything, everything was amazing. The theme was ‘Tiny Traveler’ and all of the details were just SO adorable! The invitations were tiny suitcases!
Last Baby Shower (13)

How perfect is this!
Last Baby Shower (29)

Last Baby Shower (10)

The cake was a replica of the invitation. A suitcase! (and it tasted heavenly!)
Last Baby Shower (30)

Last Baby Shower (7)

Last Baby Shower (11) Last Baby Shower (5)

I LOVED the travel theme!!! How perfect!!! I hope to frame those posters because they were just so cool! (All places we’ve been, too!)
Last Baby Shower (32) Last Baby Shower (33)

Even the table cloth was travel themed!!!
Last Baby Shower (3)

It was so great that both my mom and Irving’s mom could be there. A very special treat indeed.
Last Baby Shower (31)

Last Baby Shower (193)

Family Picture!
Last Baby Shower (42)

We played a couple of fun games (including one that involved an embarrassing baby bottle contest) and enjoyed the gorgeous day.
Last Baby Shower (54)

And then came inside for cake and presents. I didn’t want to cut the cake because it was so cute!
(But I got over that real quick when I realized I could eat it after it was cut. Mmmm!)
Last Baby Shower (44)

And then it was time to attack this mountain!
Last Baby Shower (4)

Last Baby Shower (55)

Last Baby Shower (47)

Last Baby Shower (62)

Last Baby Shower (72)
Handmade Burp Cloths from my friend Caitlin! She’s opening an Etsy store soon and I’ll share the details! They were so cool!

We got our mattress and crib set! So exciting!
Last Baby Shower (124)

(Our theme is ‘Willow’ by Kidsline).

My Friend Jenn made this felt wall art to match the theme!!! How amazing is this! So creative!
Check out her website for more of her work!
Last Baby Shower (76)

Click to enlarge.
2012-04-15 Last Baby Shower

There’s Janet behind me! Hi Janet! Thank you so much! And Hi Chely!
Last Baby Shower (78)

Last Baby Shower (79)

Last Baby Shower (163)

Last Baby Shower (196)

Thank you SO much to this very special group of girls. They are the best you could ask for and I’m SO SO thankful to have them as friends.
Last Baby Shower (37)

Everyone left with a tiny suitcase filled with custom M&Ms with our names on them!! LOVE them!
Last Baby Shower (1)

Thank you SO much to Erika and Janet for putting together such an amazing, special day for us. It was incredible and I feel so lucky. Thank you! And thank you to Erica for taking some of these amazing pictures. =)

Nursery pictures coming soon!!


The 9-Hour Easter Baking Marathon April 11, 2012

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This past weekend, I was supposed to run the Hollywood Half Marathon. I had signed up last summer with a killer coupon code and it just sounded like a good idea at the time. I had wishful thinking of being a pregnant runner, but that just didn’t happen. But I still went to the expo anyways and picked up my bib and I surprised myself by how sad I was that I wouldn’t be running. I really miss the running scene, more than I thought I would. I miss the camaraderie, the runner’s high, the good-for-your-heart training sessions. I am more motivated than ever to get back out there and make my running comeback. Hoping for a 10k in the fall and a half marathon in the spring! Fit Mama, here I come!

So while we were supposed to be running 13.1 miles, my friend Erica and I decided that having a NINE hour baking session would be a good substitute instead. So we trekked over to the market and got all of the essential ingredients. This day was going to be epic.

We had big plans on making FIVE dessert recipes and one savory dinner entrée. Ready….set…GO!

First up were Hilton Waikoloa Village Shortbread Cookies .

They came out so good! But they seemed a little boring, so we melted down some chocolate and dipped them. Mmmm. Perfect.

Next, we whipped up a batch of Birthday Cake Batter Popcorn.  I know, how amazing does that sound?
Happy Easter!!

It was white chocolately, rainbow-sprinkled, salty-sweet goodness. Delicious!

Then we started on what would become the KING of all things chocolate…. S’Mores Stuffed Brownies!!! Uh, hi.

Inside this bad boy are layers of brownie, graham crackers, hershey’s chocolate and marshmallows. Yep. That just happened.

Next up was a little detour from chocolate…. let’s hear it for Bananas Foster Bread Pudding! *clap clap clap*

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical of this one since it’s not a dessert I’d normally choose… but it was awesome! And super easy to make. I’ll have to remember this when I need a recipe for brunch.
PS… I bought this pie dish especially for this recipe and I felt like such an adult! Adults need fancy pie dishes, right?

And our fifth and final dessert recipe for the day was a batch of Oh Baby Bars (basically a homemade Reece’s peanut butter cup).

Before we could sample ANY of our days-worth of treats… we dove into making dinner! We chose a recipe for Chicken Palava (African Peanut Stew). Something totally different than what I would make or order, but it was really really good.

Dinner was enjoyed over a game of Bananagrams.

I’ve never had a day in the kitchen just for fun before and I really enjoyed it! Maybe next time I’d swap some desserts for more entrees that we can eat throughout the week, but I was encouraged by how easy it was to prepare so many dishes once we had recipes and ingredients on-hand.

I’m so excited for the many bake-sales that might be in my future in five years or so. Watch out!


An Evening in Downtown LA April 5, 2012

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Last weekend, Irving and I joined our friend Erica for a night on the town. We parked the car and spent an hour or so taking pictures at the Disney Concert Hall, then saw Green Day’s American Idiot, and later had dinner at one of downtown’s hotspots. It was awesome! We don’t spend nearly enough time exploring that area of LA and it was so fun to take it in as a tourist.
erica (1)

The concert hall has so many great shapes and hidden corners, it photographs so well!

IMG_1984 IMG_1990



erica (3)

IMG_1999 erica (2)

Some of these pictures were taken by Erica, she’s got a great eye! Thanks Erica!
erica (4)

erica (8)

erica (7)

Everyone needs a friend like this girl, she’s always game for anything. =)
erica (6)

Soon-to-be Family of Three!
erica (5)





When “Operation Photoshoot” commenced, we headed over to see the show! I am a huge Green Day fan so I was VERY excited to see the musical.
erica (9)

Though it wasn’t quite what I expected (I was hoping for a little more of a plot), I still loved the music, the set and the performances. Baby was dancing inside there too!

Finally, we headed over to Bottega Louie for dinner and ‘drinks’. I started with the Green Tea Mojito (virgin, of course) and it was AMAZING! It tasted alcoholic and warranted small sips. It even had the authentic muddled mint at the bottom. So good! While we waited for a table, we drooled over the amazing bakery items. All of them looked straight out of a fairy tale.
American Idiot

I ordered a simple pasta dish that honestly tasted like something I’d be served in Europe. It was PERFECT. The right amount of sweet with a little bit of salt. Totally fresh and cooked to perfection. Loved this!

Irving got the Kobe Burger that also looked fantastic.

I’ll be back there again soon! Especially for that mojito (and a macaroon!).
erica (10)

What a night!


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