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Halloween! October 31, 2012

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Happy Halloween!We went to THREE Halloween-related events today.

Our day started with a gathering of babies in a local park. Each one dressed up for the occasion (so cute!) Followed by a Halloween Party at my work. And we ended it all with a FOUR HOUR trick-or-treat extravaganza.

I now have a stroller sitting in my kitchen, Halloween costumes on the floor, no clean bottles for tomorrow and a baby who is now fighting sleep at 11pm (though she did nap through our entire trick-or-treat walk). We are completely exhausted, but it was all worth it. So so worth it.

Pictures and stories to come. But for now, I think she’s asleep, so that means I am too! Night!


The Alien-Monster

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Here it is. Adele’s big Halloween Costume debut. I had no idea that thinking of a costume for your kid was so much pressure! We went back and forth on a few things and ultimately decided to make her the alien from Toy Story. But then I found this shirt at Target that makes her look like a monster. (Or as my mom pointed out, The Grinch).

Irving told me that Aliens don’t have hair– to which I replied “how do you know?”. So there you have it. Adele is an Alien-Monster for her first Halloween. I’m sure we’ll get lots of “What a cute little boy” comments, but we think she is SO cute in it anyways. She has her whole life to wear Princess dresses.
Hat was custom made on Etsy and can be found here!

Adele is taking her role as “Alien-Monster” seriously. As seen in this rare, behind the scenes video.


The things we remember… October 29, 2010

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I always thought it was funny how much random stuff I remember from my childhood. It’s interesting to realize the things that stick and the things that didn’t.

My dad used to recite this poem to me every Halloween and I still remember it to this day. (It’s funny that HE remembers it from HIS childhood too!) When I googled this, it looks like it was an old ‘boy scouts’ riddle they used to teach the kids. Maybe that’s where he learned it from? Someday I’ll teach it to MY kids!

So from the depths of my memory, I present to you a Halloween Poem:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hobos and Tramps,
Cock-Eyed Mosquitos,
And Bow-Legged Ants…

Pull up a chair,
Sit on the Floor,
While I begin my speech.

It was early in the morning,
In the middle of the night.
Two dead boys
Got up to fight.

Back to back,
They faced each other,
Drew their swords
And shot each other.

Two dead policemen heard the noise
And came and shot the two dead boys.
If you don’t believe this true lie,
Ask the blind man, he saw it too!

 Happy Halloween!!!


The Fall Festival of Love October 3, 2010

Irving and I started a tradition a few years back that we appropriately deemed The Fall Festival of Love. 🙂 It’s a day to forget we live in Los Angeles, go out, find some pumpkins and enjoy some fall themed festivities.

A quick history:

2005 – Faulkner Farms
IMG_2796  IMG_2791


2006 – Riley’s Farm
It rained that year and we didn’t feel like trucking through the mud to get a pumpkin. We tried!
IMG_3929 (4)

2007 – Underwood Farm


….we skipped a few years after that…

2010 – Underwood Farm (Again!)

This time, we went with our friends Erika and Timmy = built in photographers. 🙂


It’s a huge farm up in Simi Valley (with lots of pumpkins).



It was “Public Safety Weekend” there, so they had tons of firetrucks and cop cars and fun stuff for the husbands kids.
One of the highlights was the giant ‘pumpkin drop’! They had two firemen climb a HUGE ladder and then they dropped pumpkins filled with candy to the ground! (Kind of like a Fall Themed Pinata?)

There they go!



And then all the kids ran over to get their candy!


Including that big kid in Orange!

They have a big farm too, for all the adults kids to enjoy.
IMG_0096 IMG_0100
IMG_0104 IMG_0103


Next up was the Corn Maze!


Seems easy, but it was quite confusing!



How do we get out?


But finally (with the help of some little kids), we made it to the end!

Nice job, babe!


And then… it was pumpkin time!





And some pics in the patch!


Farmer Irving wanted to drive the tractor!

Random Fact: Irving knows how to juggle!

Somewhere in between all the fun, we had lunch. There were so many great options to choose from. I started with the spiraled yams!


I also got a fresh roasted corn on the cob!

Irving got a French Dip with Chili Cheese fries! (I think he’s fist bumping the camera!)

Unpictured was the fresh tomato (right off the vine) that I ate as a snack later. There is nothing like a fresh garden tomato, let me tell you.

And that, my friends, was the 5th Annual Fall Festival of Love!


Halloween Horror Nights

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Every year we try to go to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. It’s always a fun night (even though I’m usually scared the entire time we’re there!)

I started the night off right this time with a little of this:
IMG_6250 IMG_6249

Gotta do what you gotta do!

Before the park opened, our group headed to Saddle Ranch for dinner.


Irving and I shared this (with extra cherries!)

(It reminded us of our Blue Lagoon Cocktail at our wedding!)
068 IMG_0238 1

Anyways, after dinner, it was time to head into the park!


The scene was set as soon as we walked in! Freddy!!

Our first haunted house was the new 3D one. That means sexy glasses:


The wait times weren’t too bad at first, but then they started to get a little ridiculous!

But it was fun chatting and hanging out in line.

Look, it’s an Erika/Erica Sandwich!

Gotta love those insanely long Universal escalators! Here’s the whole group!

It’s crazy how they transform the park to be haunted at night. A lot of the day time stuff gets covered up. We thought this sign was really funny…’Nightmare on Elm Street…Presented in Ogre Vision”. haha They put the haunted house behind Shrek 3D. haha

And then there’s this…

We were in the park til 1:30a so by that time, everything seemed funny. 🙂

After a few more haunted houses, we finally made it to the “Terror Tram”. The theme this year was ‘Chucky’.

The tram drops you off and you get to walk through the backlot of the studio. This year, the walking path was SO COOL. You go from ‘Whoville’ through the ‘Bates Mote’l’. Very cool. They’ve never done that before.


Before we left, we stopped for one more haunted house… the House of Horrors:

That one wasn’t too scary, but then again, by 1:30a, I was over it.

It was such a fun night. It’s fun to be scared once in a while. Makes you feel like a kid again. 🙂


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