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St. Louis: Forest Park September 10, 2013

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One of our ‘must sees’ on our St. Louis to-do list was to visit all the attractions in Forest Park. The park became famous in 1904 after hosting both the Summer Olympics AND the 1904 World’s Fair (aka: The Louisiana Purchase Exposition).

Most of the World’s Fair buildings no longer exist anymore (it would have been too expensive to build them for long-term use). But you can still feel the history there.
This pavilion was built decades after the World’s Fair, but it commemorates the big event. That 1904 exposition was the first time the world had seen an ice cream cone, hamburgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, Dr. Pepper, peanut butter and iced tea. <—all my favorite things!


Look! A map of the Louisiana Purchase!
More history! We were in nerd heaven!

Also in the park is the Saint Louis Art Museum.
Oh, hey Mr. Saint Louis!

We only had a little bit of time, so we grabbed a map at the front desk and set off to find all the important pieces. We got to see some Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock and Matisse.


I also saw this piece again. I think this is my 3rd time seeing this one (unless there are multiple versions of it?) It’s by El Anatsui. I like it, it’s made out of liquor bottle tops.

After our quick jaunt around the museum, we hopped back in the car to drive over to the Jewel Box. It’s an art deco greenhouse in the park.





And the last thing we did in the park was visit the Zoo! It’s free, why not! It was really hot and we were getting hungry, so we only did a quick loop around. It was a really great zoo, someday, i’ll have to go back with Adele!


Forest Park gets an A+ in my book. It’s bigger than Central Park and so beautiful and clean!


Adele’s Photoshoot: Florida Edition March 22, 2013

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You didn’t think I’d let that little baby avoid a weekly photoshoot just because we were on vacation, did you? No no no, my friends. Poor kid can’t escape the camera even on the other side of the country. But she’s a ham, she loves it.
IMG_0561 1

IMG_0676 1
IMG_0682 1

But all these pictures weren’t just to capture her pretty face. I had a project in mind that I couldn’t wait to execute. It didn’t quite work out as planned, but I think it’s pretty awesome anyways. The Four Generations!

We had so much fun last week!

Behind the scenes!


First Art Project October 12, 2012

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On Tuesday, when I went to pick Adele up at “school”, the bulletin board in the front caught my eye. I had to do a double take…. it was art that the kids had made that day. It was also Adele’s FIRST art project!!! I got SO SO SO excited. I scooped her up and said “Oh my gosh, you made that? Mommy is so proud of you!”

I can’t wait to bring this home and put it on my fridge.


A Metro Art Walk April 11, 2010

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Yesterday, I had to go downtown, so I decided to take the metro. YES, Los Angeles has a metro! And a pretty good one too! Being on the subway totally reminds me of Boston. I love to people watch, there’s always lots going on.

I didn’t bring my real camera, so my cell phone had to do. If you know where to look, there is art all around us!

First stop: Union Station. 

The tracks remind me of Europe!
I love how old Union Station is. It’s like it’s been frozen in time.
Then I walked around Olvera Street. It’s a very authentic mexican area with cute street vendors and Mariachi music….and of course, Churros!
PS, Irving thinks it’s funny that it looks like I have crown on. HAHA

When in Rome Mexico:

Next stop: Hollywood & Vine
I love the ceiling in there. The entire ceiling is covered in old film reels!

And even though I live here, you can’t go to Hollywood without taking a stroll down the walk of fame!
And guess who’s moving into Hollywood!!!

 I ended the day at Border’s Books, where I finally got my hands on the May issue of “Runner’s World”! It’s all about Boston this month! I’m so excited!!!


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