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Wedding Recap: BBQ & Jetski Party! July 11, 2009

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We really wanted to throw a fun party for our bridal party and family before the main event. And we definitely wanted to take full advantage of the lake while we were there.

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0888


The sisters photoshoot!

We got some Omaha Steaks meat and we just grilled up a storm!
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0897


Some of the ladies:
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0903


Look at the size of this cheese puff!


A BBQ party was the perfect idea, we also rented two jetskis for the afternoon to play around with!

In order to drive them, we had to pass the New Hampshire boating test! This was so stressful! I studied for days for it! Even before we left California!!! But luckily we passed!

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0851

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0864

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0868
IMG_9541 IMG_9563

We framed this one in our house, I love the veil flying in the wind!



I ordered a “Grooms Cake” for Irving… It was supposed to be Teal and Brown….
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0869

Oh well, it still tasted good!
2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 09 09_0872

2009-07-11 kelley's Wedding_07 08 09_0889

We just Loved this sign!!!!

After the BBQ, we invited our friends to camp with us in a few cabins that we rented!!! This was definitely one of the best nights of my whole life. Just to be able to hang out with everyone meant so much to us.

We picked up some pizzas:

Honeymoon 036
Don’t you love the teal and brown plates!

And we just played games all night long!
Honeymoon 038 
Spoons! (Teal spoons, might I add!)
Honeymoon 039

The girls had fun goofing around!
photo2 photo3

photo4 photo5

I think all of our giggling forced the boys outside. HAHA

What a great day/night!


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