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Sandwiches and Stretching January 18, 2011

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To say my legs are sore would be an understatement. I admit I wasn’t properly trained for this race, and my muscles are definitely paying for it now. I see an ice bath in my future.

Tonight, I rolled on my new foam roller for 15 minutes or so. ooooh! It hurt so good!

My IT band, quads and hamstrings are feeling it the most this time.


But no shin pain! Hooray for compression socks!

Tonight, we made the first of our freezer full of Dream Dinners.

Paired with some steamed green beans, and we were in business!

And for dessert, I will be snacking on this beauty! A treat from my friend Erica

That would be a red velvet whoopie pie! DELICIOUS! Thanks!!

We’re off on a two mile walk and then relaxing for the rest of the night!


Cooking in Bulk! January 15, 2011

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We all know by now what a challenge it is for me to meal plan and cook rounded meals consistently. I always have one or two meals I’m excited about per week, and the rest of the time, it’s thrown together or we have missing ingredients. I’m hoping this will all change with time when we start a family someday. (Is there hope?)

That’s one of the reasons why we keep going back to Dream Dinners. It’s a great concept: you go in and prepare 36 servings of meals in about two hours. And you go home with a freezer full of dishes you created yourself, all ready to go when you want them. Sounds good to me.


We’ve been about four times in the past and for us, it’s definitely worth it. You know they’ll have everything you need to make each recipe work.

When you get there, they give you aprons, but we prefer to bring our own. It’s just more fun that way.

We had a few friends join us this time, which was fun. We could chat and cook at the same time.

A little wine always helps too!

If anyone is interested in trying it out in the LA area, let me know!



So excited to have real meals for dinner! I’ll share a few of them on the blog as we eat them. Buon Appetito!


Dream Dinners! May 28, 2010

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On a whim, Irving and I booked a session at Dream Dinners tonight. We used to go all the time before we got married, but then we sort of forgot about it!

Dream Dinners is half restaurant/half store… you go in and make meals that you then freeze at home. It’s so much fun!

((These are camera phone photos, so not the best quality!))

First, you put on fun aprons!


They give you a list of all the meals you bought, and you go station to station!

They have instructions at each station to tell you what to make:

It’s easy and fun!


And each meal gets packaged all together so they’re simple to prepare when you’re ready to eat them!


Each person gets their own fridge to store them in while you cook!



And they have chocolate to eat while you cook!!!

You can even bring in bottles of wine to sip while you work! Next time!

We had a nice full fridge of 36 servings of food when we were done!!!

I really hate cooking at home, so this is the perfect alternative. We had a great time!

If anyone signs up to go to Dream Dinners, let me know! We get referral discounts!


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