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I hate Cooking… September 19, 2010

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I really do. I hate the grocery shopping, the meal planning, the prepping and the actual COOKING. But I love eating… so I guess I don’t have a choice right?

I seriously spent 2 hours in the grocery store yesterday going around and around waiting to be inspired by something! I swear the guys at the deli counter thought I was homeless or something because for the first two laps around the store, I had NOTHING in my cart except a couple of avocados and a bag of sugar. (I have issues).

But finally, I whipped out my blackberry, hid out in the bread aisle and crafted a week’s worth of meal ideas and the proceeded to go up and down the aisles slinging tomatoes, rice, cilantro and swiss cheese into my cart… by the end, I spent a hundred dollars. (For two people, doesn’t that seem like alot?) But to my credit, there was a $10 bottle of pure canadian maple syrup in there… (I just can’t justify buying syrup where the first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. EW, right?)


So now, I present a challenge…. Cook a fresh meal for my family (um, Irving and me) every day for two weeks (and live to blog about it).

This will require lots of this:

First up… Erika’s enchiladas recipe. I can’t take credit at all for the recipe, so head to her site and ask her for it. 🙂

A full hour later, a tray of DELICIOUS homemade enchiladas came out of the oven:

And dare I even say it was healthy? Well, healthier than if I ordered it out… and Irving LOVED it.

Challenge #1: Complete.


While I was in the kitchen, I whipped out a batch of Dark Chocolate Chip cookies!



***pats self on back***


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