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Our 10-Year Date-a-versary! September 9, 2011

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I had been dreaming of going to Emerson College since 7th grade. It was my first choice school and the only school that I applied to. I knew from the beginning that I would love it. I was elated when I got that thick envelope in the mail congratulating me on my acceptance. Right after high school graduation I spent the whole summer getting ready to move in. I did the usual Bed, Bath & Beyond trip and came out with lamps, rugs and some plates and forks.

Move-in day was a mixture of emotions as I settled into my new life as a college student! A week went by with a few parties, orientation and class schedules, but on September 14th, I met a guy who I thought was really cute and funny. We had seen each other in passing in our dorm building, but started chatting at a party that night. We talked for hours and hours. I really wish I could remember that conversation, but it was interesting enough that we started hanging out on a daily basis. Soon, we were inseparable.


This week actually marks 10 years from the day we first met. One decade of loving (and being loved by) my college sweetheart.
kelley and irving

10 years of inside jokes, cross-country road trips, international travel, Sunday morning coffee, evening walks and constant inspiration. 
10 years of feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Irving and I have now been together for more than a THIRD of my life. (And don’t think I haven’t already done the math and realized that we will have been together for HALF my life by the time I’m 36!)


Who knew that 10 years ago, my dream of going to Emerson would eventually lead me to the man I’d later call my husband.

Winter 2008 046

Emerson is notorious for playing cupid. And I’m glad to be a part of that statistic!
IMG_4645 IMG_4646
PS. Only Emersonians will actually understand the humor in this shirt. 🙂


I can’t wait to write a post like this again in 10 more years… and then 20… and then 50! ( will still be around then, promise!)


Any other college sweetheart love stories out there? Please gush!


Preparing for Phoenix! January 13, 2011

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Wow, I’ve totally lost my groove for planning for a race weekend. It’s only been a few months, but I’m feeling a little bit anxious. I used to be all into it. I’d have everything all laid out and packed up. But this time, I kind of don’t want to pack. I wish it would just appear in my suitcase without much thought.

So my husband went to Target tonight and came back with some presents!

Heineken Light cans! He claims they will fit better into his golf bag when he’s out on the course.
They’re taller and thinner than usual cans. Hey man, can’t argue with that!

He told me I could have one tonight because they are “only 90 calories”. (Says the man who ate half a jar of Nutella in one sitting tonight!) But I have to give him credit, beer was an excellent idea to help with the packing.


I rocked out quite the list.

Now… if only I can manage to get it all in a bag tonight….


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