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Our 10-Year Date-a-versary! September 9, 2011

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I had been dreaming of going to Emerson College since 7th grade. It was my first choice school and the only school that I applied to. I knew from the beginning that I would love it. I was elated when I got that thick envelope in the mail congratulating me on my acceptance. Right after high school graduation I spent the whole summer getting ready to move in. I did the usual Bed, Bath & Beyond trip and came out with lamps, rugs and some plates and forks.

Move-in day was a mixture of emotions as I settled into my new life as a college student! A week went by with a few parties, orientation and class schedules, but on September 14th, I met a guy who I thought was really cute and funny. We had seen each other in passing in our dorm building, but started chatting at a party that night. We talked for hours and hours. I really wish I could remember that conversation, but it was interesting enough that we started hanging out on a daily basis. Soon, we were inseparable.


This week actually marks 10 years from the day we first met. One decade of loving (and being loved by) my college sweetheart.
kelley and irving

10 years of inside jokes, cross-country road trips, international travel, Sunday morning coffee, evening walks and constant inspiration. 
10 years of feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Irving and I have now been together for more than a THIRD of my life. (And don’t think I haven’t already done the math and realized that we will have been together for HALF my life by the time I’m 36!)


Who knew that 10 years ago, my dream of going to Emerson would eventually lead me to the man I’d later call my husband.

Winter 2008 046

Emerson is notorious for playing cupid. And I’m glad to be a part of that statistic!
IMG_4645 IMG_4646
PS. Only Emersonians will actually understand the humor in this shirt. 🙂


I can’t wait to write a post like this again in 10 more years… and then 20… and then 50! ( will still be around then, promise!)


Any other college sweetheart love stories out there? Please gush!


Homesick for College? August 27, 2010

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When I was applying for colleges, I only really considered one school: Emerson College in Boston. I had a few back up plans in mind, but Emerson was the only school I had ever wanted to go. Someone told me about it when I was in 7th grade and I had my eye on the prize for all six years after that.

I even wrote a letter to myself in 8th grade talking about how bad I wanted to go there.

I wrote in my letter that I wanted to be the next Spielberg!

I also wrote about my love for “cute actors” like Devon Sawa, but that’s another story….

Oh man, Teen Bop magazines were the best! Remember the pull out posters?!

I’m pretty sure I had this exact issue…

Annnnyways…. So yea, I pretty much dove head first into television when I was in middle school… even making the cover of the local TV station’s newsletter! My friend Linsay and I were the youngest members to ever work at the station. 🙂

Can we just talk for a second about a.) that ginormous VHS camera! and b.) DIY bangs…. ugh!

I even met my future BFF Ashley while working at the station!

Ashley, Luca and I met Tom Bergeron at the station years ago too!

So yea… long story short… I always loved the TV industry and I knew that Emerson was the only school where I could delve into it head first!

Emerson was the type of school where you could make a 10 minute video in lieu of a 10 page paper. It was pretty awesome. I even had my own radio show for a semester. What a great time.

Today, I came across this website: and it made me totally miss college like never before. Have you ever tried to move into a high rise building from the side of Boylston street with 300 other people at the same time? It was quite the scene and I really wish I had pictures from that day. I’m so totally jealous of all the students who are moving in this week and getting to know Emerson for the first time. A lot has changed on campus since I graduated, but the core of it is still there.

I wish I could go back and relive college all over again. I feel like I didn’t take advantage enough, experience it enough, take it in enough. It goes by so fast! I graduated in 3.5 years because I just couldn’t wait to move out to Los Angeles and live the Hollywood Dream! But looking back, perhaps I should have stayed just one more semester to enjoy Boston and College living.

I’m really homesick for my Emerson days… Kids… enjoy every SECOND of it!


Thanks Emerson October 7, 2009

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Haha, I just got this email from Emerson:

EmersonVery cute. I wish that I was at Emerson now… so much has changed since I graduated. They have all kinds of new dorms and buildings now! I miss college, I just can’t believe how fast the time goes. I’ve now been out of college longer than I was in college. How does that happen?


A Semester Abroad – Castle Well January 18, 2003

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Well, I made it! I didn’t sleep for 36 hours, but everything here is amazing! My room is beautiful. It looks out into the courtyard! The town is so cute. The landscape is so funny because the land is soooo flat. It looks like New Hampshire, but without the mountains. It looks like someone went there and said "I think I’ll put a tree here, and here". All the trees are the same size, and so evenly placed, even the ones in the middle of nowhere! When we drove on the road, I felt like I was on a toy car set because everything is so colorful and big. It feels fake! The signs are so colorful, and pictures are huge! Even their speedbumps are huge! Its funny. The room is great! Its really big. We have a sink in it too! Our beds are above our closet and desk, so they are really close to our ceilings. There are big beams going across, and since our room is on top, they angle down. Needless to say, even though I am short, my roommate, Dara, and I have a "Hit your head on the ceiling" tally! We put up a few maps, so we will mark where we travel!

We have goats, and ducks that are very loud! But it’s cool. The castle was built in the 12th century, so the floors creak, and everything creaks! I still can’t believe I am here. We went to the little store down the street today. It is called "All under one roof" (Well, the real name is something Dutch, but I can’t pronounce it. But that’s what it translates out to be!) Everything in Dutch is hard to read! They put letters together that we just don’t in English, so I can’t pronounce anything! But I’ll learn, I’m sure. I know Hello is HOY. But even that is complicated because of the dialect. They don’t say that in Amsterdam, they call it something else. So I have to be aware of where I am and stuff. We are making plans to go to Rotterdam next week. My earliest class on Monday is at 4:30pm, so I totally have 4 day weekends. This is awesome. I’m going to buy a bike later, its 30 euros for the semester! Dara and I are gonna spilt one bike. Can you go wrong???? NO. There was a parade going by the Castle at 10pm last night. It was a little weird because it was cold, and hello??? VERY DARK!!! But there were a bunch of kids playing drums and trumpets and holding flags! Maybe that’s how it is in Amsterdam. We have a wonderful staff here. Everything is really cool! They are all trying to make everything go smooth. Well, all is good in Well! I’ll update you further as the trip goes on!

This is where I lived for Four Months!!!


Me, Inside the Castle.

View From my Window!

My room was on the second floor!

My skydiving buddies!

My Desk, Closet and Bed (above the desk!)

One of the towers!

Just me and my castle!

Oh, the town of Well.. Population: probably 400!


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