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5 Mile Sunrise Run January 23, 2011

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This morning, I met my group, the Los Angeles Racers at Balboa Park for a run.

The guys are an amazing group of runners. Couldn’t ask for a better group.

I ran the five mile loop with my friend, Valerie (we met in an Italian class a few years ago!)

My legs are totally fried. After not really training, running a half-marathon and taking a tread and tone class, my lower body is totally beat up. I’ve been stretching, but it felt nice to give them a good jog to loosen them up a bit. I was still sore after, but not nearly as stiff. It took us about three miles to find our stride, but it was a great run. ((Zensah Running sleeves = still a success!))

For lunch today, Irving and I decided to do a ‘dinner for lunch’ theme. We never have big weekend lunches, and it was nice to cook during the day for a change.

We cut up chicken and added a spice rub to it and grilled it to perfection.
IMG_3169 IMG_3170

On the side, we roasted some vegetables in the oven (potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic and rosemary).

What a great, filling and healthy lunch! (I’m taking half of this to work for lunch tomorrow!)

I am almost done reading Meb Keflezighi’s book, and he keeps talking about the importance of icing after a long run. I knew my sore legs could really use an ice bath, so I gave in.

I filled the tub halfway with cold water, and dumped my entire freezer drawer of ice into it. The key is to keep your upper body warm (hooded sweatshirt is a MUST!) I could only sit in it for three minutes or so, but it was like magic. My muscles feel 10 times better tonight. Definitely worth braving the cold.

Winner of the Celebrity Fitness Giveaway will be announced tonight!


2010 Boston Marathon: Post Race April 24, 2010

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Right after I crossed the finish line, I met up with my friend Amy! She used to live in LA and moved back to Boston. She was volunteering at the Finish Line! Thank you Amy! She helped me get all my food and my medal at the end!

Then I headed back to the Copley Marriott to meet up with my friends and family! Dana-Farber had massages ready for us. It was divine. I think I almost fell asleep. It was the first time I had sat down in over 7 hours!

Then I found everyone waiting for me!
Peter finished too! Congrats, Peter!

I have some dedicated fans. haha

Thanks Chely for coming all the way out from LA to see us!

The medal was totally worth it!
Billy came out to see me too!!! Hi Billy!

I was starving by this point, and everyone else was too! They had been cheering for hours and hours! We jumped on the T and headed to dinner!

I had the best burger of my life for diner. 🙂 A sweet reward. 
I didn’t want to take my medal off all night! 
Hi Papa!

Thanks for skipping school to come to my race, Laurie!

Gizmo wasn’t impressed though.

Then I left on Tuesday. 😦 It was a short trip, but an exciting one for sure!

And one more of gizzy. 🙂

At the airport, we met up with our friend, Tyler! He finished in under 3 hours. Pretty amazing!~

Tyler, Chely, Irving and I were all on the same flight back to LA! On Virgin, you can “chat” with other passengers! Comedy ensued:
I showered, don’t worry. lol 
But did you see that? The flight time was 5:57! Same as my marathon time! Pretty cool huh? HAHA

I made sure to bring back treats from Boston for my co-workers! YUM!

The next day, I forced myself to take an “ice bath”.
I took all the ice I had from my freezer…

And poured it into my tub with cold water…

Yep. It was as cold as it looks. lol

But it did the trick. I totally feel good as new now!!


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