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Sunday Funday: Pasadena and Hollywood February 6, 2014

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Last Sunday, we had a rare day off together as a family, so we made the most of it and headed out in search of adventure. We meandered over to Pasadena with no real plans in mind. We found a great playground near Colorado Blvd and stopped to play for a bit!
20140126_105547Shirt courtesy of Gigi (short for Great-Grandmother) from our trip to Naples last year! It finally fits!

Then we stretched our legs and went for a walk.

Look! Leaves! Los Angeles finally got its FALL! (A few months late, but there are leaves! We celebrated!)


Run, run, run!


We made our way over to our favorite travel store (Distant Lands) and picked up another Eagle Creek travel cube. We could have spent all day in there. The maps! The books! The suitcases! It makes us giddy. We may or may not have a pretty exciting international trip up our sleeves.

Anyways, we left Pasadena and headed over to Hollywood for the rest of the day. We live SO close, but since it’s not exactly the cleanest place in the world, we don’t spend all that much time there. But on that day, it was perfect. I strapped Adele to me in the carrier, and within one block on Hollywood Boulevard, she was passed out!

I know my days of having my baby sleep on me are numbered, so I soaked up every minute of this glorious nap.


She slept long enough for us to walk a couple of miles (and pick up Book of Mormon tickets on the way!!!!) and STILL have enough time to spare for us to sit down at a restaurant (Pig & Whsitle, for you locals!) and eat lunch! (Yes, I was careful not to get crumbs in her hair. haha) She woke up just as we were wrapping up there. We sat and gave her lunch for a little bit and continued over to Hollywood & Highland.

Our last stop was a visit to Sweet, an enormous candy store. Irving had bought me a gift certificate to make my own candy bar there! It was better than we thought it would be! And fun too!
My bar had a dark chocolate base and was filled with peanut butter, mini m&ms, Rice Krispies and crushed Oreos.

Irving’s had a milk chocolate base, filled with nutella, ground coffee, banana chips and sea salt.

So to recap: playground, travel store, baby nap, quiet lunch with hubby… and chocolate. Yep. Perfect day.


Bean Burgers & A Bookstore May 13, 2011

Irving and I won’t see each other much for the next two weeks, so we decided to make tonight special and go on a date. We’ve been married for almost two years, but I still like to go out on dates once in a while. I even made Irving open my car door for me <— That makes it officially a date.

I even got all fancy and put fake silver earrings on. I go on dates in STYLE, people.


We headed over to Montrose, which is a cute little neighborhood off the least used highway in California. Seriously, there is never any traffic on the 2. Gorgeous!

Our destination was The Black Cow Café. We’ve had a coupon for ages and decided it was about time to use it. (We are not ashamed!)

This place was AWESOME! It felt like a restaurant straight out of a movie. You could totally picture two random strangers bumping into each other here and sipping coffee for hours (they hand drip all their coffee!) It was so cute and everyone seemed to know everyone else.

Right when we sat down, we were presented with some Ah-Mazing bread. It was doughy and had the most delicious seasonings on it. (We even asked for seconds).

Our waiter, Victor, was probably the best waiter I’ve ever had in my life. He was funny, to the point, and offered great suggestions. I ordered the Black Bean burger. He asked what I’d like on the side: “Fries, Soup, Caesar Salad or House Salad”. I told him caesar salad. He shook his head and said “nope, go with the house salad, you will love it”. Ok house salad it is!

Victor, you were right, it was epic. It had sprouts, rasins, sunflower seeds, chinese noodles. And the dressing. Oh, the dressing. They make them all in house. Perfection.

The burger was great too. I don’t order veggie burgers often (ok, this was my first time EVER ordering a veggie burger), but it was really great. It tasted like a falafel.

Irving got the meatloaf sandwich that he devoured in about 15 seconds. Victor brought him ranch to dip his fries in and instructed him to mix some hot sauce in it. Well when he walked by and noticed Irving hadn’t mixed the hot sauce in it yet, he gave him a stern look and Irving got scared and mixed it in. You should have seen Irving’s face light up when he tasted it. He declared it “out of this world”. Yea. We’re going back to this place for SURE.


Then we took our party to Pasadena where we walked around a little bit. Our first stop was Distant Lands (our favorite travel book store in Los Angeles). We were on a mission to find a travel book for our trip to Europe. We LOVE the DK Eyewitness series, so we quickly found what we were looking for. We bought the Eastern Europe book. I’m so excited to read through it!
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Eastern and Central EuropeDK Eyewitness Travel Guide Germany

They probably thought I was weird, but I was so excited to take a picture in front of their bookcases.
Travel + Books = LOVE!

After walking around Pasadena a bit more, we headed back home. Date night was a success.

Any suggestions for things to do/see in Germany?


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