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A Pony Tail on the Trail November 27, 2013

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As mentioned in my ‘anti-vegas‘ post, we hiked in Red Rock Canyon one day while we were there. Jake and Janie had never been, and we had been twice before (here and here) and decided it would be a fun way to get in some exercise.

First we checked out the visitor’s center and got another stamp in Adele’s National Park passport! This was her second time to Red Rock!

Adele was fascinated by the lizard who was being served carrots and celery for lunch.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but Adele walked over to the “E” below and shouted “EEEEEeee!!”20131119_110724


Soon enough, we headed out on our hike!

A Pony Tail on the Trail!


Not a day passes that I don’t get knocked in the face by something Adele is holding.
(Public Service Announcement: Don’t ever let Adele try to ‘brush’ your hair. It’s more like ‘whack-your-head’).P1010063

Not long into our hike, our happy traveler fell fast asleep!



Climbing high above the desert floor!


Oh yea… um. WE SAW A TARANTULA!!!!!!

I debated not even posting those pictures because just looking at them I get the creeps. Luckily Adele was brave and didn’t get scared at all… because she was still sleeping 1.5 hours later.

She only woke up when we got back to the car and tried to transfer her to her carseat. Lucky for me, I got to enjoy some post-nap snuggles. I take ’em when I can get ’em!


Here’s our hike stats (courtesy of my fitbit!)
Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 10.42.13 PM



Red Rock Canyon May 25, 2011

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We slept really well, as we usually do in Vegas (those room darkening blinds will get you every time!)

Poor Irving was dealing with a gnarly cold while we were there. But we came prepared.
Las Vegas May 2011 (38)

He was a trooper though. I told him that I had a solution to all of his problems:
Las Vegas May 2011 (35)

I mean, there isn’t much in life that munchins can’t fix, right?
I asked for ONE munchkin and she gave me FOUR!
Las Vegas May 2011 (34)

Ohhh, how I miss Dunkins! Then we got in the car and headed back over to the Wynn.
Las Vegas May 2011 (33)

Vegas is full of strange things. Here’s the Palace Station Casino (where OJ simpson got arrested!)
Las Vegas May 2011 (30)

And the Sahara Hotel is closed! So sad! Another one bites the (desert) dust.
Las Vegas May 2011 (32)

We didn’t have any real plans for the day, but they suggested a hike in Red Rock Canyon! I’d never been either, so we seized the opportunity!
Las Vegas May 2011 (29)

Just a half hour drive from the strip, and we were there!
Las Vegas May 2011 (26)

I just don’t understand why they call it Red Rock Canyon!
Las Vegas May 2011 (17)

We’re so lucky to have such gorgeous landscapes in our country. I’m really glad we got to see this!
Las Vegas May 2011 (24)

We started at the visitor’s center and learned a little bit about the area.
Las Vegas May 2011 (22)

And have a little fun…
Las Vegas May 2011 (19)

Check out this stitch that I made! This was five photos I stitched into one! (Click to enlarge!)

Las Vegas May 2011 (21)

Las Vegas May 2011 (20)

There is a 13 mile scenic loop and all along the way, you can pull over and hike. It’s a great set up!
Las Vegas May 2011 (18)

First stop was the big red rock, duh!
Las Vegas May 2011 (16)

Las Vegas May 2011 (15)

Las Vegas May 2011 (9)

Everyone climbed up to see the cliffs below…
Las Vegas May 2011 (7)
Las Vegas May 2011 (8)

But I’m lame and played it safe on firm ground. (When did I become such a wuss?)
Las Vegas May 2011 (11)

I ain’t going up there! I’m fine riiiiight down here!
Las Vegas May 2011 (3)

Las Vegas May 2011 (4) Las Vegas May 2011 (5)

These pictures aren’t doing this place ANY justice. You have to come out and see it in person!

Las Vegas May 2011 (2)

Las Vegas May 2011 (118) Las Vegas May 2011 (121)

Las Vegas May 2011 (116)

Las Vegas May 2011 (114)

There were so many trails that looked incredible, and someday, we’ll come back to do them all. But this time, we only did the Ice Box Canyon trail.
Las Vegas May 2011 (112)

Somewhere in there, there was supposed to be a waterfall!
Las Vegas May 2011 (111)

It was such a cool hike. Unlike any terrain I’ve ever seen before.
Las Vegas May 2011 (108)

Las Vegas May 2011 (110)

Las Vegas May 2011 (109)

We basically hiked on a dried up river bed (oh, spoiler alert, the waterfall was dried up in the desert heat!)
Las Vegas May 2011 (107)

Las Vegas May 2011 (106)

The whole hike was about 2.5 miles, and in the high noon heat, it ended up being perfect.
Las Vegas May 2011 (104)

It was fun to scramble over rocks (although I was on the lookout for rattlesnakes!)
Las Vegas May 2011 (91)

Las Vegas May 2011 (101)

Las Vegas May 2011 (105) Las Vegas May 2011 (102)

And then we got to the place where the waterfall should have been… The supposed “ice box” part of the trail…
Las Vegas May 2011 (97)

Hee Hee. I’ll have to come back in the winter to see it filled with water! So cool!
Las Vegas May 2011 (95)
Las Vegas May 2011 (94)

Las Vegas May 2011 (93)

And then we started the hike back to the car.
Las Vegas May 2011 (92)

Las Vegas May 2011 (90)

The whole park was gorgeous, if you’re heading out west, definitely make the drive, even if you don’t hike.

By then it was 4pm and we were starving for lunch! We had bought a groupon for a place called Bambino’s East Coast Pizzeria. It’s owned by Bostonians who opened up a restaurant out here! I was so excited! They even painted their walls the same color as the Green Monster!
Las Vegas May 2011 (88)

We got some chicken fingers that were DELISH!
Las Vegas May 2011 (87)

And a pizza that was ginormous!
Las Vegas May 2011 (86)

Sufficiently stuffed, we hopped back in the car to begin the four hour drive back to LA! This time with a few more passengers!
Las Vegas May 2011 (84)

Wait, where’s Irving?
Las Vegas May 2011 (85)

Half way, we were in serious need of some fuel… enter, Starbucks!
Las Vegas May 2011 (82)

DUDE! Have you tried their new Coconut Mocha Frappacino? It’s amazing. If you like coconut, you will LOVE this!
Las Vegas May 2011 (83)

What a great weekend! It was fun to experience both sides of vegas. The Pool/Casino/Food side and the Outdoors/Nature side. So much fun!


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