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I’m sorry, what?? January 23, 2012

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Excuse me, but please have a look at this (please don’t drool on my blog though).


I know, right? But let me back up…

Today was one of those days that I absolutely love. A laundry list of errands that you can check off one right after the other.

Donate to Goodwill
Deposit Checks at Bank
Call Insurance Company
Grocery Shopping
Get Gas

You get the idea. I love when I have a list of easy things to check off. Feels so productive, doesn’t it? Top of the list today was going to Costco to get more grapefruit cups.
2011-09-21_19-53-23_202 [source]

I was just telling Irving this weekend that I was sad I didn’t have any crazy food cravings. I wanted to have an excuse to make Irving leave at 10:30 at night to ‘go and get me french fries NOW!” but that just hasn’t happened. I really haven’t craved anything that I needed that much……. until today.

Costco.Sold.Out.Of.Grapefruit Cups. Noooooooooooooo!!! I asked two employees very politely to please help me find them. Both turned up empty handed. Then I started to get panicked. “But you don’t understand. I need them”. They apologized and I turned into a crazy pregnant lady. I fought back tears (not really… kind of) and walked out of the store without my beloved grapefruit. I called Irving (obviously) and he said that he had brought the last one to work, but he would bring it back home so I could have it tomorrow. That’s love.

So it’s official. Red Grapefruit cups are my craving. And I just might die if Costco doesn’t bring them back by  Wednesday. No joke.


In other news…. you know how big Los Angeles is, right? It’s huge. It’s definitely not the kind of town where you run into people you know at the store. I mean, it can happen, but on average, it’s not likely. Well the SAME family that was in front of me in line at Costco also happened to be in front of me in line at Trader Joes after! HOW WEIRD IS THAT?! The guy joked “want to come to Whole Foods with us after this?” lol

And then this happened….

Chocolate with Cookie Spread? Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream?! Are. You. Kidding? I spotted these on Erica’s blog today and knew I had to have them. I could barely get home before I tore them both open and had a square of each. They were pretty awesome.


Random Things Thursday August 18, 2011

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I spent my evening decluttering my computer desk as well as the desktop itself! I’m not the neatest person in the world, but I really hate clutter. Just did a clean sweep and it feels so good. Just a small to-do list for the week, I’m finally caught up!

I also cleared off my camera chip, so I thought I’d share a few random things from the week:

1.) Check out this awesome screensaver CD featuring “Birds of America” from what looks like the 1980s. (But maybe it’s from the 90s, it’s hard to be sure).

Irving had this disc in a box under his desk and I begged him to keep it because it’s just so awesome. People used to actually PAY for screen savers? Kids these days just don’t know what they’re missing.

But wait…there’s more… when you open up this “CD” case…

…you find out that It’s a floppy disc!!! I’m sad that my current computer doesn’t have the capabilities to look at these 20 images of “Birds of America”. I may not be able to use this disc, but it sure did provide a barrel of laughs when Irving told me he actually bought this himself. LOL NERRRD!

And that’s not all… on the left side of the CD case was a film envelope. BAHAHA remember those?!?!

2.) WHO LOVES CUPCAKES? I should probably cut back on the cupcakes… FOUR of my birthday cards this year had cupcakes on them! Everyone must know how much I LOVE them. I ❤ my friends and family!

3.) Ah-nild Pah-mah. That’s how we say “Arnold Palmer” in Boston. Irving found these drink mixes this week. Kind of cool, right? I’m excited to try them. Never seen them before!

4.) Pour, Bake, Eat. I saw this in Trader Joes this week and I HAD TO HAVE IT! Ready-To-Bake Brownies! The guy at the register told me that I could probably just eat it with a spoon too. Whaaaa??? I’m saving this for a rainy day.

Three steps, people. Pour. Bake. Eat. Done.

Guess that’s it for now.

Who else has a box of old floppy discs sitting around? I kind of want to find a drive that will open them up because I often lie in bed at night wondering about my 6th grade history papers and 7th grade poetry, don’t you? There could be good stuff on there!


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