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A Very Married Valentine’s Day February 16, 2010

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 Happy Valentine’s Day!

It was our first married Valentine’s Day! I can’t believe we’ve been married for 7 months already! Where did the year go?

We woke up and exchanged gifts. I got a few cute things including this awesome sunblock for your face by Origins!

 I love a man who understands the importance of protecting your skin. 

I got him tickets to see the “Black Eyed Peas” in March. We’re SUPER excited to shake it like a polaroid picture.

It has been so beautiful out lately (not to rub it in, all you east coasters!) that I got excited to decorate for Spring! My grandmother gave me these Lenox Rabbits when we got engaged and I get so excited to put them out every spring.

But my husband thought that they were missing something, so he bought me flowers!!

Doesn’t that look more like “spring“?

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE these types of flowers (Button Mums, Spider Mums, Daisies and Lilies!) because that is what was in my wedding bouquet!!! I got so excited, that I had to take a picture in front of my wedding canvas to compare!

Look at these two happy love-birds!

In honor of our first married Valentine’s Day, here’s a cute little picture of our cake topper that is now on our mantle! My sister brought them back from Australia!

Here’s a few of our past Valentine’s Days:
One year ago this weekend, we went to Vegas!
And seven years ago this weekend, we were in Paris! 


Vegas for Valentine’s Day February 14, 2009

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Valentine’s Day fell on a long weekend, so the stars lined up for a Recession-ific mini vacation to Vegas!
This time, we stayed at the Silverton Casino, one of my faves because they have real live Mermaids there! A little off the strip, and not much glitz, but overall, a pretty decent Casino.

We started our trip at 5:30am, got some coffee (our new addiction) and headed out on the road to Sin City. We always forget that Los Angeles still has a winter, and up in the mountains, they had a decent amount of snow! Some people even pulled over so their kids could play in the snow!

Las Vegas was “covered” in snow!

The first night we were there (Valentine’s Day night), we went to see “Tony and Tina’s Italian Wedding” at the Planet Hollywood Casino.

It was fun because we had wedding receptions on the brain. We really felt like we were at a wedding, but we think it might have been more fun if we had a bigger group of friends there too. All the women got Roses since it was Valentine’s day!

Just like a real wedding reception, they played the Y.M.C.A and all the “guests” got to dance. haha

They even served real wedding cake!

After the dinner/show, it was photoshoot time. haha

On Sunday, we started the day with Dunkin Donuts!!!!! Yes! They have Dunkin Donuts in Las Vegas now!

Next, we started our Lovely Vegas Suburb roadtrip. Yep. We visited the Green Valley Ranch hotel, the Red Rocks Casino, and some random Golf Club that Irving wanted to check out…(yea, he owes me for that one).

But look what we saw on the drive!! That’s right… Seven Eleven is coming soon ya’ll!

But the best part of the whollllllle trip?! The Silverton Casino’s slots giveaway prize!! They were giving away Snuggies!!! HAHAHAHA We just thought this was HIL-ARIOUS

Indeed this Valentine’s Day (our 8th!) was almost as good as our 2nd Valentine’s Day in Paris!


Valentine’s Day in Paris February 14, 2003

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Last night was Karaoke Night at the Castle…I got up the guts go get up there and sing a few songs, including WANNABE by the Spice Girls! Doesn’t that remind you of Freshman Year of High School??!! It was good times. Emerson sold beer for 40 cents…that was pretty cool too! Wake up call: Feb. 14th, 7am. We all eat breakfast, and find Valentine’s Day candy in our mailboxes. (Conversation Hearts—in Dutch!)

We board the coach bus and head for Paris… we get there at 4pm. Upon arrival, all 80 of us head to the Hotel Campanile. We are forced to wait outside for like a half hour while they check in for us. I walk into the lobby of the hotel…. And Irving is there waiting for me with a rose! (Valentine’s Day weekend in Paris…this is gonna be good!)

We walked to his hotel, and I dropped off my stuff. We then walked around the city for a bit, then met up with the Emerson Group for a little tour of Paris.

It was sooo cold outside, but we had to listen to hours of lectures OUTSIDE… we went to the Church of Notre Dame, and walked to the Louvre. It was beautiful at night, all lit up! The whole city was romantic… it was like a dream. We ate dinner at an Italian Restaurant, we tried to order in French, but that didn’t work out too well.

A few pictures from our Valentine’s Day Weekend in Paris!!!



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