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There’s no Vegas like Las Vegas… June 26, 2010

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A few friends from my hometown were in Vegas this week and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out with them! I miss all my New England friends!!! I was so excited to be able to spend some time catching up.

Even after our crazy week, Irving and I still got up at 5am to hit the open road.


We had so much to talk about since we hadn’t seen each other for four days. The drive went by SOOO fast!

When we got there, we went straight to the Silverton (our favorite Casino) for lunch.

Then I met up with Katie and Steph (and Mark too)! Our first stop was the Venetian!

Vegas was ridiculously hot (102* when we were there!) We walked around a bunch and checked out a bunch of the casinos.

After a while, we ended up at “Toby Keith’s I love this Bar and Grill”. It was a lot of fun and a nice cool reprieve from the heat.

I ordered a beer on tap, which apparently is as big as my head! (and was served in a mason jar!)

Look at my beer compared to Stephs!

Every time they play Toby Keith’s “I love this bar” song, everyone at the bar gets free shots!

[no photos lol]

We spent a lot of time at the Paris Casino. It’s not one of my usual stops, but I forgot how pretty it was.


We had a fabulous dinner at the Le Burger Brasserie inside the Paris. It was really good, and reasonably priced. We’ll definitely be back there to eat next time.

Then it was time to bring Steph to the airport. Sad!

But the fun didn’t end there…. Irving and I dragged Katie and Mark to BINGO at the South Point Casino!!!

Seriously, we LOVE bingo. Irving and I really are 70 year olds at heart.

We even bought our own dabbers!! lol

None of us won, but it was pretty awesome anyways.



Then today, we woke up and headed back to the Silverton to watch the USA vs. Ghana world cup game.

This was tough because I picked Ghana in our office world cup pool, so naturally, I had to root for them to make my money back!

But they’re playing USA… how can I not root for my home team! It was stressful. haha

Irving put some money on USA and he LOVED watching the game.


But then Ghana scored…and we knew it was not looking good for USA 😦

We lost money on almost all of our bets…. but have no fear… we have a plan!

We stopped at the M Resort on the way home and saw they were having a Wedding Expo! Even though we’re married, I still feel like a bride, so I made Irving go in with me.


They had cake!!

LOTS of cake!
IMG_4275  IMG_4274

So… we had cake!

I LOOOOVE cake… mostly frosting. But still!

But even better…. they had GOODY bags!
IMG_4279 IMG_4277

So…our plan is to sell the stuff in the goody bags to make up for the money we lost on the World Cup game…

[Edited to add I just looked up the value of the stuff and it was $6.97 on hahaha]

Then we began our long drive back to Los Angeles.
IMG_4280 IMG_4289

What a great 24 hours in vegas!


Paris, France February 16, 2003

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Today was the last day together for irving and I… and we headed, with the group, to Versailles. The courtyard was really nice, but again, it was really cold. We said our good-byes, and he headed home…. And I walked through the palace, not really remembering much of it though.

Then, I went, by myself to see the Monmantre (Where Amelie was filmed). I also saw the real Moulin Rouge, which was right dead smack in the middle of the red light district! I took pictures and took the metro back to my hotel.

Emily, Marjorie and Tony and I headed to the train station. We are going to Barcelona. We booked couchettes and went overnight to


Paris, France February 15, 2003

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We woke up early the next day, and made our way to the Emerson hotel. We ate breakfast there and headed out for a day full of tours. First was the tour of the Church of the Notre Dame…. It was pretty. There were candles inside, and I turned to Irving and said, “Awe, lets light a candle together!” and then I saw it was 2 euros to do that, and I screamed, “What? Two Euros? Forget that!” It was funny.

First was the Chapel of the Saint Chappell. It was beautiful, the stained glass windows were really amazing.

Whitney too us to a department store, and took the elevator to the top floor… from there, we had an unbelievable view of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in full view! Then we ate lunch (Crepes with chocolate and bananas!)

Then, we headed to the Louvre again… this time to actually go inside. We looked at statues of Venus and Nike and listened to lectures about the history of them, that was cool, because that stuff interests me anyways. Then, we saw the Mona Lisa…. Yea, great… what a nice painting… but whats so great about it? I guess its famous and everything, but I wasn’t too impressed with it!

We learned about the history of the location of the Lourve itself. Underneath, it was excavated in 1992 and they found the remains of an old castle that was once torn down. It has the same structure of the Castle that I live in, in Well! It was impressive!

I also saw an Egyptian exhibit, where I saw a real-life mummy.. it was a female, probably about my age… and there it was.. right in front of me…. If I was dead and that old, I wouldn’t want people looking at me! But it was awesome, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

For Dinner, we headed to the Latin Quarte. But there was a manifestation for peace going on, so as Americans, we decided to avoid that, and ended up eating in a little Italian place. Then we headed to the Eiffel Tower! Irving and I wanted to climb the whole thing, but the stairs were closed… and I would have died doing that anyways. The whole thing was lit up, I couldn’t believe I was actually there. We took some pictures and enjoyed the view… but it was really, really cold up there… so after that, we headed back to the hotel.


Valentine’s Day in Paris February 14, 2003

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Last night was Karaoke Night at the Castle…I got up the guts go get up there and sing a few songs, including WANNABE by the Spice Girls! Doesn’t that remind you of Freshman Year of High School??!! It was good times. Emerson sold beer for 40 cents…that was pretty cool too! Wake up call: Feb. 14th, 7am. We all eat breakfast, and find Valentine’s Day candy in our mailboxes. (Conversation Hearts—in Dutch!)

We board the coach bus and head for Paris… we get there at 4pm. Upon arrival, all 80 of us head to the Hotel Campanile. We are forced to wait outside for like a half hour while they check in for us. I walk into the lobby of the hotel…. And Irving is there waiting for me with a rose! (Valentine’s Day weekend in Paris…this is gonna be good!)

We walked to his hotel, and I dropped off my stuff. We then walked around the city for a bit, then met up with the Emerson Group for a little tour of Paris.

It was sooo cold outside, but we had to listen to hours of lectures OUTSIDE… we went to the Church of Notre Dame, and walked to the Louvre. It was beautiful at night, all lit up! The whole city was romantic… it was like a dream. We ate dinner at an Italian Restaurant, we tried to order in French, but that didn’t work out too well.

A few pictures from our Valentine’s Day Weekend in Paris!!!



Trouble in Europe February 13, 2003

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Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… and I’m going to be in Paris… How Romantic!

Anyways, I wanted to update everyone on the situation in Europe. Everyone knows that tomorrow is the day the European countries decide whether or not they will support the UN on the war against Iraq. Here is the deal. The decision wont be made until tomorrow afternoon… we will already be in Paris… If France decides to support the UN, then it becomes one of Iraq’s targets, in theory. If this is the case… then our academic program in Paris is gonna have to change a bit… we will have to split up, the State Department advised Americans abroad not to travel in big groups. Then, on a minute’s notice, we were told we will have to spread out around the city, and not go into any American places, such as McDonalds, Hard Rock Café, etc. We are not to wear anything with the American flag on it, or anything that screams American… we have to keep a low profile, and not draw attention to ourselves. I think this is worst case scenario, and we really shouldn’t be too concerned… its just precaution. Right now, we are pretty safe still… The eastern countries are more at risk than I am here. One thing they did point out was that England was probably not a good choice. Since it is in such support of the US, it becomes a bigger target than France.

This is like a first hand learning experience about politics… I have no clue. We were told to watch the news and check email twice a day when we are traveling.

BUT…on a good note, I’m doing well, the weather has been very warm… high 40s maybe. I am going to Spain after Paris, and its high 50s there. That should be very nice.

My classes are getting harder… midterms are coming up fast… I have so much work to do… that I should be doing right now, but that’s ok. I am knitting another scarf, this one is royal purple, and its fuzzy and sooo warm… You are all gonna be so proud of me! Irving sent me a wonderful big fluffy pillow, so now I am sleeping better…. no more stiff necks, so that’s a plus. I sleep so well now… mmmm

Well, that’s it… I wont be here to update the journal again until Feb.23 rd. I have other things to do, like go to Paris. hee hee….


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