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Wedding Recap: Getting Ready July 11, 2009

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After the Run with the Bride, I headed over to the Inn that we rented down the road. It was so fun to have a whole inn just for us. It was a relaxing morning for the most part.

I definitely do not recommend my hair and makeup stylists. It was the worst vendor that we worked with. They were rude, disrespectful and they ripped me off… if you want more details, email me.

But let’s focus on the fun stuff, shall we?

Irving gave me a present!

I think I was shocked when all the girls came out of the room together. They looked amazing and I was just in awe. 🙂

Then it was time for hair…


Everything was great until it was time for the veil!

It wouldn’t stay in my hair!! And she left before it was fixed. There may have been tears. HAHA

(I love how annoyed I am in this picture. HAHA)
How many bridesmaids does it take to fix a veil?
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1016

All of them!
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1012

But finally it was fixed and we could move on…. until a Bee flew up my dress!!
It was in between the lace and the satin and it couldn’t get out! I just screamed at the top of my lungs: “DADDYYYYYYYY!”

And he came over and got it out. HAHA
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1050

There. Now I’m ready. HA
2009-07-11 Kelley's Wedding DAy_07 12 09_1044

Meanwhile, Irving was getting ready too!
IMG_9734 1

IMG_9746 1-Edit 

He got the phonecall that he had to leave the room (so I could hang out there before the wedding). We didn’t see each other until I walked down the aisle.
IMG_9757 1

We hung out there til it was time! I got a phonecall from our wedding coordinator. She said, “Kelley, time to go get married!”

So we jumped in the elevator and lined up…


our wedding was about to begin!


Wedding Recap: Bachelorette Party!

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Just a few short hours after my East Coast Shower, I was told we were doing a family dinner. I was so excited to spend time with my family. I got all dressed up. So did everyone else! The plan was to pick Mikaela up first and then head out.

But when I got to Mikaela’s house, I was surprised once again!

All my friends had gotten together for (what I thought) was a cocktail party!

We had so much fun killing a few bottles of wine!



I thought it was perfect…. but then they told me that “our ride was here”.

Clearly I was incredibly surprised and excited!!

Irving couldn’t come though….girls only! 

They got a LIMO!

CIMG4063  CIMG4066 CIMG4067

The bride with the maid of honors!

We had an amazing dinner!



The girls all lined up!


Then spent the whole night jumping from bar to bar!

CIMG4081       CIMG4077 CIMG4079 

Thanks girls for the AMAZING night that I will never forget!!!!




Wedding Recap: Cake!

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MMmm.. I LOVE cake!

We had two cake places in mind when we first started looking. The first was Jacques Bakery in Manchester, NH.
Jacques Bakery 004
The cakes were beautiful in the window!
LakeWinniJuly08 014

We sampled TONS of cake there!

 LakeWinniJuly08 028   LakeWinniJuly08 031 

But we really wanted cupcakes and they were a little too pricey there.

So next up, was Cakes by the Lake.

I think we both agreed that it was love at first cupcake!

She even gave us a whole cake to bring home and share with our friends to try it out!
LakeWinniJuly08 142

Everyone LOVED the cake! We had a winner!!!


We did three different flavors of cupcakes:
1.) Chocolate Cake with Coconut Frosting and Coconut Filling
2.) Yellow Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting  and Chocolate Fudge Filling 
3.) Yellow Cake with Buttercream Frosting and Buttercream filling

But we still had a top cake to cut into.


IMG_0370 IMG_0369

The cake topper were bride & groom kangaroos that Laurie brought back from Australia.
IMG_9819 1


We ordered the cupcake liners from an online wholesaler. And we worked with Cakes by the Lake to design something that would match our Teal & Brown theme.

We even provided ribbon to decorate the cupcake stand with to match.

We were in love with how it came out.


Wedding Recap: Run with the Bride!

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I knew I wanted to run the morning of my wedding… so the “Run with the Bride” was born! A whole bunch of my (very dedicated) friends woke up really early to come run with me! It was another gorgeous morning!

Honeymoon 055

I even made teal and brown Running bibs for everyone!!!! They had our wedding date on them!

Mom-Julie Reception & Wedding 3393

Honeymoon 059 Honeymoon 060 Honeymoon 081

Honeymoon 052

Honeymoon 071 Honeymoon 086 Honeymoon 075

Honeymoon 074

Here we come!

Mom-Julie Reception & Wedding 3391 
Honeymoon 056

If anyone wants the template I made for the bibs, let me know!


Wedding Recap: Rehearsal Dinner

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A few days before everyone got into town, we got our Marriage License!
Honeymoon 019

Honeymoon 022

Our rehearsal was so fun. it was all so real! It was a beautiful afternoon.

Everyone listen up! lol
 Mom-Julie Reception & Wedding 3262 DSC01838

Mom-Julie Reception & Wedding 3268-1
Here comes the Bride!

Mom-Julie Reception & Wedding 3258-1

There she goes with her groom!
Mom-Julie Reception & Wedding 3261

Then we had our dinner across the street.

I laughed when I saw these pictures later, I didn’t know they took this picture!

We must have been busy reveling in our excitement!
Mom-Julie Reception & Wedding 3271-1

Dinner was fun!
100_2691 100_2692 100_2673 100_2688 100_2690

Honeymoon 049

But the fun began afterwards! We invited all our out of town guests to have drinks with us “on the dock”!

zzzzzzzzHoneymoon 045

Everyone was ordering these HUGE watermelon drinks! HAHADSC01860
But the little kids stuck with ice cream!

Honeymoon 048

There are so many great pictures of the amazing drinks and all our friends and family, I just can’t post them all. I wish I could relive this night over and over too!


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